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Saying hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by irish, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hello to all, I live in the north west of NSW in the New England, and have had the motorcycle addiction since childhood, a long time ago.
    I enjoy all types of motorcycling and all brands of bikes have appeal to me in some way or other. If it has two wheels and an engine, my ears prick up and my ......... I am sure I am in the right place :)
    I ride most days of the year, and ride a Triumph Storm mostly, but also have a Honda cb 750 f2 that I take for a blast at least once a week, just to let it know I love it too :)
    Looking forward to contributing to the NetRider community, and meeting you all.

  2. Welcome Dermot. With a name like Dermot and a nic Irish I guess you are and ex emerald isle resident. (y)
  3. Thanks for the welcome, and yes indeed I am Irish. been here 25 years though :)
  4. Hello and welcome to NR Dermot. I bet you still roll your Rs in a very charming Irish way in spite of living here for so long. Looking forward to learning from your experience :)
  5. Thanks for the welcome FR33dm :) I suppose i do roll my R's, I also have been known to let out a few F's and C's at times of excitement too ;):rolleyes:

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  6. Welcome, Dermot. I had a 750 F1 Honda many moons ago, another of the bikes I had that I wish I'd never sold....
  7. That's a given in times of excitement and in couple of other situations I can think of :) I'm bilingual so take great pleasure in letting out appropriate for the level of excitement letters in my native tongue still having sweet smile and looking very much like a Lady :p
  8. I dont like parting with bikes either Hornet, and all the bikes I have had over the years, I wish I still had. but thats life. I just recently, parted with an XS1100 yamaha that I was rebuilding but lost interest in and hadnt touched or had the inclination for a year or two, and it was just gathering dust. but since it went I have been missing it :D a strange animal that I am.
    And Fr33dm a lady swearing in any language can be a fine thing :joyful:
  9. welcome aboard :]
  10. thanks Jeffco. its a great site, i just need to figure out how to use it now 8)
  11. Welcome Jeffco

  12. im still trying to figure it out :wacky: