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Saying hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bikefanatic, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. this is my first post just saying hi to all the netriders.
    ive been coming on netriders for a while, from home, school anywhere really :) but finally registered yesterday.
    im getting my L's on the 28th of September and did my learner training last week
    im getting my brother cbr250rr that he did his L's on, he's letting it go cheap provided i fix it up
    thats all from me, looking foward to reading and posting

    now off to dentist :(

  2. dentist? no1 can see that smile with the helmet on.......

    welcome. whats there to fix on the bike?
  3. welcome bud
  4. hahaha just realised i forgot to say in the first post i dont have my licence yet, actually exactly 2 months out, september the 28th is the magical date, just registered here earlier to pick up tips before i hit the road and such.
    the bikes in alright nick. im actaully having trouble putting pics up because it keeps saying the file size is too large, any tips on how to reduce it? the origical size is 1.26 MB btw
    basically it needs new fairings on one side, new mirrors and screen.
    my brothers giving it to me for free provided i fix the fairings, put on a new muffler and get it serviced. funningly enough he just put a years rego on it so the muffler should be fine, o well

    dentist was fine no cavaties :) but put on flouride and i was killing for some chips on the way home
  5. Very sound logic.................Welcome to NR :)
  6. open it in photoshop and save it as a new .jpg usually makes it smaller.

    if u dun have photoshop


    open in that and save it as a new .jpg.

    did he crash it?

    whats wrong with muffler??

    mirrors wreckers. screen wreckers. fairings fibreglass?
  7. Welcome Aboard mate !
    :LOL: @ dentist
  8. pics arent working will do them 2moro, way too frustrated now
    to willzah:
    to the best of my knowledge he hasnt crashed it and i totoally believe he would tell me if he had, will ask him though.
    i dont think there is anything wrong with the muffler, he just said i needed a new one and dad agreed. i thought there must have been something wrong but it passed rego last week, o well im going to get one off ebay. ive already sourced the mirrors and screen and fairings are a continuing dilemma but thats for another post
  9. PostImage isn't working, upload your pics to Photobucket or an external site and link them across to this thread
  10. thats good. fairings cracks or scrapes? cracks id just fibreglass/epoxy the back...not worth the replace/respray.

    muffler? too loud..nooo never. find out bout the muffler, no point replacing it unless its realyl broken or its a stocky
  11. Welcome to Netrider dude ! :cool:
  12. fairings are scratched pretty bad, through the paint and into the material. will try to get pics up when i get a photobucket account. i think the bike was layed over at speed at stayed that way because the scratches start at the front and go all the way across to the rear ducktail, the engine cover (the round thing in the middle) and the left indicator are also scratched. i dont think there are any cracks in it, i didnt notice any when i took pics about 2 months ago. since then i havent seen it.
    are my fairings made of fibreglass or plastic? its a 90s model if that helps.
    ive decided to get a stubby muffler off fleabay and gut the current muffler, which is a stocky.