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Saying goodbye to your baby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Joleda, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. So we got the call today that the new bikes are getting dropped off tomorrow, they are taking our 250's with them for the trade in. :cry:

    Just wondering how you say goodbye to your old bike? I'm still on the midnight shifts and its storming it up in Brisbane, but I had to take my girl for one last kooyah!
    It was an interesting ride in, pelting down rain the entire way with forks of lightning lighting up the sky every couple of minutes, I felt like a mix between Beatrix from kill bill and Thor riding in!!

    I will certainly miss my Ninja, she is my first bike and I have alot of love for her! :love:

    So do you go "here take the bloody thing" or are you sentimental like me when you change bikes?
  2. I'm currently on my first bike atm, but when I sold my car to get the money to buy my bike; I asked the new owner if I could have a minute with my car before he goes off with it.

    I knelt down near the hood and hugged it, closed my eyes and memories flowed through...:cry:

    And yeah, still have a vid of it driving off. Men get very sentimentally attached to their machines as they provide us with happiness and joy that is incomparable to anything else.
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  3. Naawww that's nice. I think a nice lady can be just a tad comparable to a machine though :LOL:
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  4. The only time I've felt any emotion seeing one of my bikes go was a S4 Monster that I had to sell because my business needed the cash at the time. All the rest have been with the attitude, 'out with old and in with the new'.

    When it's your decision to get rid of a bike so you can make room for a new one, I reckon it's easy to say cya later to the old one. In these instances I don't even watch them leave.
  5. I have never formed an emotional attachment to a bike or car for that matter. Sure, it invokes memories of travels past, but the vehicle itself, nope.

    Although, my wife was pretty emotional when she said goodbye to her 750 Monster, but that was because she had killed it.
  6. I don't get emotionally connected to mechanical equipment. I save that for living, breathing things like my wife, son and dogs.

    It's a motorbike. Let it go. Not like there won't be another.
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  7. A tad bit ;)

    Also what bike are you getting? :)
  8. Joleda's tag indicates it's a Striple. Good choice if so.

    You're a big softie, J. Don't know if i could ever get emotional about a GS500F!:p
  9. Interesting to see that some of you guys aren't sentimental about it, wasn't expecting it!

    Yeah I am getting the triple, waiting for it to be delivered at the moment actually, have only had a couple of hours sleep after nightshift.

    I am a huge softie. Broke into tears when I got off her this morning after our last ride home together. :oops:
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  10. I find it somewhat disconscerting that some of you guys think a "nice lady" can be comparable to a machine.

    Horrid to think what kind of robots you must be getting into bed with.

  11. I am in the emotional group. When I change bike the times and experiences I have had on the previous bike come flooding back.

    The Hamilton Highway in a Thunderstorm with Hail and wind so strong you are riding at a continuous lean. The Murray valley highway on a glorious spring afternoon, being pulled over by the local copper for a chat about my kitten propensity and then being sent on my way with a "behave yourself". Riding up from Strahan to Queenstown after a rainstorm with the water falling down the cliffs as separate falls and multiple rainbows showing in the rising mist.

    These things touch your very soul and it is only natural to transfer the wonder of it to your metallic steed. I am deeply saddened when I change a bike and feel almost guilty at my faithlessness. I have never felt the same way about a car. A bike you have a far more one to one relationship with.
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  12. Think we need a "love in". Where are you, Uncle Greg?
  13. If Uncle Greg starts hugging, I'll pass thanks ;)

  14. Now that you say that.....

  15. Be appreciative that you had the chance to say goodbye to your bike. Last I saw, my first bike was loaded onto a truck and driven away after a SMIDSY. I'll never forget Courtney.
  16. #16 Joleda, Nov 15, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013

    RIP Courtney.

    Yeah I took a video of her driving away on the back of the dealer ute today. Still raw.

    and @OldSport... yes... just yes.... loving those pictures. Though I don't think both the triples will fit in the bed with us.

    though valentines day is coming up in a few months...

  17. I was sad when I sold my Softail a few years back. Had it since new and after 10 years worth of mods it fit me like a glove. But I was bored with it and needed the cash for my new mistress.
    The saddest part was seeing the bike 6 months after the sale, the young fella had turned her into something that looked like a rat bike, I was like wtf have you done to my bike you dickhead?
  18. Sell it? My bike sleeps in my bedroom with me. Seriously. It's like 4 feet from my bed.
  19. I watched all my previous bikes be ridden away by their new owners, it was a bit sad. More so with my V Star, I spent about $1,800 on extra for it, not that much compared to what others have spent but it was a lot for me. I had it the way I wanted it and I loved it but it was large and bulky and I'm small., plus I got off my restrictions so felt the need to have something non LAMS. Even my mother who initially didn't want me to have a bike at all was sad to see it go, it was a very nice looking machine. I have video of my last rides on previous bikes. The Virago 1100 I replaced it with isn't as pretty but it's smaller and thinner and the performance is better. Taking the new beast on its first Great Ocean Road trip today! YAY!!!
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  20. JEALOUS:wacky:
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