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Saying goodbye....hurts(sob)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Despite my excitement and anticipation at picking up my new bike tomorrow(CBR600F4i) I am finding it hard to part with my VTR250. It is my first bike, a little ripper, and I guess will always be the one that opened up the world of motorcycling to me. In fact I think the sadness I feel about losing it matches my excitment about the new bike. I considered keeping it as well as getting the new one but can't justify the expense.

    Maybe that is a good measure of when to get a new bike - when you don't mind moving on. I'm not there yet but the option of increasing capacity(especially for someone who weighs in at 105kg) was too tantalising.

    Has anyone else faced a similar dilemma when upgrading?

  2. I honestly believed I'd continue riding the 250 to work and back because the 6 would be a little too wide to lane split, costs more to run etc.

    I believed that right up until the day I brought her home and since then I can't look at the 250 the same way. I love that little bike but she's got nothing on the new mistress.
  3. I hated moving on from every bike but one.
    I shouldn't have sold the RD-250, I had customised it to the point it was ME
    I didn't want to say goodbye to the XS-650, it had been a faithful old friend
    The Kawa 500 tried to kill me, so, no regrets
    The Honda F1 I only sold cos I didn't have the money to fix it
    The Kawa 250 Triple was an economic decision too.
    I'd need an operation to separate me from the Hornet
    I think I speak for lots of us who feel your pain, and your anticipation.
  4. i'll second that. i got my 600 and the old bandit just felt like a toy (for lack of a better word) afterwards. some of them 250s are great little bikes and they are still a blast to ride, but they're nowhere near as much fun to ride as a big bike :D

    still was hard to say goodbye, but i knew i'd moved on to better things...
  5. Just like ya first root :shock: you will never forget it but there is MORE fun/fish in the ocean to be had. Unless you are a born again Bible Bashing Barstard who marries the first thing ya poke :shock: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  6. oh boy I seriously belived I would never need any thing biger than a 250... 3 mounths b4 my restrictions were up I had an oportunity to ride all the way to queensland... so I bought something a little bit biger to get me there a GT550... since that time i have only ever comuted on a 250 if I had no other transport!!
  7. Yep, I'm having the same problem at the moment. I rode a GSXR1000 and a Ducati 750SS and now I don't see the 250 in the same light, but everyday I have to get on the faithful little 250 to commute to work, the relationship and the trust is no longer there...:cry:...as I'm longing for the bigger bike...:LOL:...
  8. In years to com you'll be able to look back with fondness at the bike that started it all. I can still remember the first bike I owned as a kid that got me into riding, a little white yammy trailie that was already an old bike by the time I got it. It was slow kit compared to the new bikes but I loved every one of those 80cc. Now, I own my VFR and am just as in love if not more so, geez bikes are great aren't they?
  9. I know I now want a bigger bike but I've been having a hard time contemplating not having my twofiddy around.... I'm now having to look at if it would be worth anything to trade in or if I should turn it into a garage Ornament to collect dust for a while...

    I'd like to think that I'd just ride it to work and stuff too but some how I just dont think it would happen :p
  10. Boogie, everyone else on this forum who's been confronted with the same dilemma have said that after a couple of weeks with their new bike, they found themselves wishing they'd traded the 250 at the time of purchase. Emotions are hard things to deal with, but experience says "Take some pictures for your memories, detail it and trade it, and you WILL get over it!
  11. I'm sure I will and that my new bike will become just as loved... I'm just a sentimental person... I've had the same car (84 Carolla Wagon :p ) for 7 years mostly because it used to belong to my Pop and there for I dont want to get rid of it.... but alas I may need a new car soon too :( :p
  12. Sentimentality is a weird thing. Driving and now riding are my favourite things to do so I tend to form an attachment to my vehicles. Every car I have owned I have had a little sit down with the morning that I sold them. Same with the VTR250. Had a big final ride a few nights ago and had a quiet sit down with it while sucking down a warming coffee before heading home for the last time. It's a bit pathetic really but what can you do!
  13. And Dazza leaves political correctness reeling on the canvas. It was a bueatiful round house kick to the throat, and I think I can hear the count of 10....

    There it is!!

    We have a new champ by way of knockout.....DAZZA!!! :p
  14. Funny thing, I can remember the rego of my first bike (1966), but would have to go outside and look at the bike I ride every day for that one.
  15. I feel the same thing. I have owened 3 CBX 550's and loved them all, and my last one was the best one. I was very sorry to sell it, but felt it was time to move on to a bigger bike.

    It now lives in Melbourne and is being ridden by a lovely lady who has promised me that, should she ever consider selling it, I get first choice. I'd have to say that, if she DID offer it to me, I'd take it back in a heartbeat.

    She sends me regular emails and pictures of it and she is treating it like I did, it's very comforting.
  16. Oh my poor tormented children

    The Buddha tells thee there is only pain and suffering in thy sentimental attachment to objects. Thou 2fiddy (and all thee and thy current rides for that matter) willst crummble and decay as the years pass.

    Ashes to ashes, Dust to Dust

    Enbrace the cycle of renewal, my children, a new realm of enlightenment and transcendent joy awaits thee when thou tradest in thy old sh!tbox on a shiny new ride!
  17. We are in the presence of greatness, ppls!

    Any more gems of wisdom while you're at it, mate?
  18. Is that what you call it? :LOL:

  19. Be nice to Simon, thou must share a room with him at Tamworth!