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Say something NICE about the person above

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by uncle greg, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. I guess this might take awhile :meh:

  2. ^^ seems to be a pleasant fellow.
  3. ummm...

    got nuthin, sorry
  4. Is very good at spelling.
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  5. Makes me laugh out loud, quite a lot.
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  6. ^^is also hot
  7. ^ is a liar*

    *in a nice way
  8. pfft ^^^is only being nice....knows i'm a prick of a liar
  9. gives candy to children
  10. ^^has nice legs
  11. ^^sometimes posts intelligent thoughts ....
  12. ^ Don't know you, but you seem to have Justice as a follower, he seems to be a cluey guy, so by association, you must be pretty intelligent too.
  13. LOL or @Justus is just a mad e-stalker
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  14. ^^ is an interesting kind of crazy
  15. ^ i have no negative opinions on the above user, and i rate his bike as being one of good quality after riding one of the same model one time, so he clearly makes wise choices about his wheels.
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  16. not connected.
  17. always happy to lend a fellow nertrider one of his bikes
  18. cant spell netrider