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Say if i just bought a new bike...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mattt, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. I was just thinking.
    Say if i just bought a new bike and being a totaly newb having never ridden a motorbike before how do i get it home? Is it just like riding a bicycle?
    Or can i dump it in the back of the station wagon? (pending bike being light enough)

  2. Assuming you're not just having a lend of me, go and get your L's first and that will answer both questions. :wink:
  3. if you can fit a pony in your station wagon you should be right with a bike ;)
  4. Hey mate, just rent a motorcycle trailer from kennard hire, for like 45 bucks for a whole day and tow it home though you need to deposit 100 first.
  5. ah i just checked the rta website and there is the pre learner course. This is very different to the way things work when learning to drive a car lol
  6. hey mattt, can you make it a bit easier for those of us who lack clairvoyant skills and tell us a bit about yourself??? Thanks!!!
  7. Licence first, bike second, dealers can drop it off at your place for you.
  8. Pure luck or blind faith...take your pick :LOL:

    Time taken to fall off my first bike: 3 days :oops:
  9. no probs hornet sorry about that i'll make myself a newie thread :)
  10. Matt, assuming you're in NSW (reference to RTA)

    Step 1:

    Book your learners course. This is a two day course that teaches you the basics of not falling off. They provide you with a bike and you ride around on a basketball court (well pretty much). The instructors then give you a cert. to take to the RTA.

    Step 2:

    Go to the RTA, hand in the cert. and do a knowledge test. You are now a learner rider.

    Step 3:

    (This is the important bit) Buy a Honda Spada and ride, ride ride. And when you sore from too much riding, ride some more... :wink:
  11. yes i am in NSW thanks pete i just saw all that on their website :)
    (except for the bit about the spada lol)
  12. Follow what Pete says - specially the part about getting a Spada :p

    I got mine delivered, the bike shop can possibly get this done for you. The weather was bad the whole week I bought my bike and it was an hour and a half ride. I didn't like my odds. So I forked out $65.
  13. If you don't want to ride it yourself you could just ask if there is anyone here who lives in the area that would be willing to ride it home for you and then you give them a lift back after.