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Say hello to adelaides newest wanker with an italian bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tristan82, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. To make matters worse I'm on my Ls!!!

    A little bit of back ground: Its a 2001 600m Metallic. It was personally imported by the original owner when he moved to australia a few years ago and he sold it to me. It's done 7000 miles (yeap miles) and the colour will polarize opinion more than pauline hanson.

    It's a silver with blue and gold metallic through it that goes completely crazy in the sun. like a mirror ball.

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  3. Disco Tristan advertises...
  4. he would on this bike.
  5. Welcome to the fold, wank-brother. There are two types of riders, those with Italian bikes and those that want one. :grin:

    ....Or those with Italian bikes and those whose bike starts when they are supposed to... :LOL:

    I like the silver, it should attract women attracted to shiney objects.
  6. Well, you wouldn't lose it in a crowd, that's for sure :LOL:.

  7. Welcome to the joint man, nice looking bike :grin:

  8. Congratulations thats a nice lloking bike and yep should be easilly found in a crowd , i'd never find mine in that pic of hornets , but thats mainly cause i am dim :LOL:
  9. Looks very nice, just make sure you always carry a decent pair of sunnies and/or a tinted visor. :LOL:

    Edit: Hello, Adelaideian wanker :p

  10. I like shiny things!!!! :grin:

    In all seriousness though... nice bike :)
  11. see ya in the hills young 'un,

    I'll be wearing two pairs of sunnies and a tinted visor just in case ya come round the corner

    damn fine machhine you got there, look after it and it will look after you

    cheers and a merry xmas from a whyalla tosser
  12. I'm not that young! but i hear 26 is the new 19.
  13. you'll find the ageing process slows down or completely stops on constant contact with motorcycles, I had a GS750 when you were born and when I throw a leg over my present ride I do not feel any different to way back then............ my present ride was made in 1985...........

    hope ya had a top xmas and wishing you a great 09 (on that Duc it should be a ripper)
  14. wanker :LOL: :LOL: :grin: :grin:

    nice bike, well done
  15. First bike? If so thats a really nice way to start out. Is the power restricted to make it learner legal?

    Regarding the colour... :cool:
  16. Nice traditional Ducati colour!

    Welcome to the forums.

    How's the shifting by feel thing going?
  17. i want to kill that guy on the channons ad.....

    (ps welcome mate)
  18. Congrats! :applause: loving your topic title
  19. Sweeeet bike ya got there :cool: .

    Oh, and welcome ya Adelaidian, Sandgropin', Ducatisti B@stard. :grin:

    BTW: I only included the B@stard because you have one, and....er....I don't.....b!tch :cry: . First ever motorcycling experience was on the back of a black and gold 900SS when I was about 11. Simply awesome.
  20. +1 for killing the shannons guy and welcome :)

    yeah love the "shinny disco balls" colour, though I wouldn't paint my R1 that colour :p