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NT Say goodbye to unrestricted speed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Heli, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. The new Northern Territory government haven't wasted any time in announcing that the unrestricted section of the Stuart Highway will become a 130kph limit soon. Despite there being no evidence whatsoever that lifting the limit has in any way contributed to an increase in the road toll (quite the reverse when it removed some years ago, the fatalities increased dramatically) the new administration wants to make a political point.

    Shame really, as everyone sorted themselves out and there were no daisy chains of vehicles all at the same speed, afraid to overtake and increasing both the fatigue/boredom and the risk of nose-to-tail collisions :(

    Northern Territory to drop open speed limits

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    deju moo.
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  3. Yep......
  4. Shithouse! Just shithouse!
  5. Boooooooooo....

    Miserable pricks always keep their promises when its an "easy" switch. Try holding to some of your other election promises Labour! And you Libs!
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  6. So we have an experiment,either the road tole went up down or stayed the same and THAT should dictate what happens next. So much for evidence based decision making it seems.Might as well flip a coin,wankers.
  7. Fair dinkum fcukwit pollies give me the shits bigtime.

    If it aint broke, don't fix it ya mongo's!
  8. Crazy. I remember earlier on in the year when they said they were removing the limit on a further 100K stretch, i thought 'nice one, common sense prevails' after the stats were released saying no drama with the unlimited speed.

    "There will be no open speed limits under Labor. We're backing calls from experts in the field like the Police Association and the AMA [Australian Medical Association] who have called for 130km/h to be brought back in those zones."

    Right, so the AMA stats will show more lives have been saved at a 130 kph crash than say 150? Or 133/139 perhaps...........

    Traffic data recorded during the trial indicated that 85 per cent of drivers travelled between 133km/h and 139km/h in the current derestricted zone.

    Or were the experts the PA after scrutinizing the 85 per cent of the public they can ticket a 'ker ching' with?

    Nanny State.
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