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Sawyer here...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sawyer, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hows it going all.... just thought i'd see what all this netrider stuff is about.

    Anyways, names Sawyer...

    Like Drinking, Riding, have been known to be a bit of a puncher at times but hey, haven't we all... :wink:

    Dont like whingers, cagers or newbies!!! :LOL:

    Ride safe with NFR
  2. welcome aboard, glad i'm not on your hit list.... i think.

    lol, catch ya around may be
  3. well that's a good start considering many of us also drive cars, and we were all newbies once... as you are now!!??!! lucky we're not all so prejudiced :grin:

    other than that, welcome aboard... i guess....
  4. Welcome! :)
  5. (sniff, sniff)
  6. I wasnt there so how did you see me there?

    Oh..........I get it :LOL:

    Welcome grasshopper
  7. Take it easy Marg..... was being a bit sarcastic is all, but we are all afflicted with certain prejudices. :wink:

    Thanks for the welcome boys & gals.
  8. You got a cold?
  9. mmm spidey sense tingling.....
  10. Please don't hate yourself newbie.. er .

    Welcome Sawyer !!!
  11. Never mate.... :wink:

    What are you on about?...... smokin drugs?
    You a hippy type fella?
  12. umn :oops: your first name isnt TOM by any chance? :LOL:

    welcome to the forums Mr SAWYER

  13. You one of them comedian types huh..... funny farker aren't ya!

    Reckon we'll call you mister original too beaver boy.
  14. hmmmmmm comments reserved

  15. Hey mate I meant no offence by it... You learn to take a dig or two around here once in a while. AS I said welcome...

    Anyhow Where in Oz are you based?

  16. So why say anything at all then mate?..... What benefit did you or anyone get out of that comment?

    At least theres a few friendly ones amongst ya's.
  17. Anyway... hope to catch up with most of ya's for a bevvie or 10. :cool: :cool:
  18. hey sawyer :) welcome :cool:
  19. It's about whatever you make it mate. Welcome aboard. :)
    Tell us a bit about yourself mate, Bike? Location? Favorite riding spots?
    Everyone's friendly here mate (Although you might have Hornet sussed out,.. stoner :-k :LOL: )

    Misfits? :)
  20. Welcome mate... Think we should get along alright.
    I dont whinge too much, i dont own any cars at the moment and i wouldnt consider myself a "newbie". Love to throw some punches if the oppurtunity arises though i no longer drink as they dont mix too well in my book.

    Good to see ya stirrin people up a bit :)