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Saw the epitomy of an idiot yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by beardedgnome, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Whilst driving up King St Newtown yesterday afternoon, I saw a guy on a silver Ducati (ST something) with a pillion pulling his helmet down by the chin piece to take swigs from his wine bottle. What a hero!!! Both of them!

  2. Sure it wasn't a latte in a wine bottle?? :LOL:

    That IS getting pretty stupid, on many levels......
  3. probably a naughty little Chardonay :grin:

    Jeez haven't these people heard of a Camelbak! :roll:
  4. Scrambles can drink a beer with his helmet on.

    ... FluffyDonkey can drink beer underwater.

    The unique and talented are all around us, chaps!
  5. Clearly these two geniuses were on their way to collect their PhDs for their in-depth study into road safety.

  6. What a couple of idiots, what if they'd spilled some, the camel back is a much better idea, and what were they thinking having glass on a bike how dangerous is that. :shock:
  7. The reflected glare off that bottle could have blinded an oncoming P-plater!
    -> causing some sort of serious and no doubt 'speed-related' accident!
  8. I started to get worried when you said "King St Newtown yesterday..." cos I was squidding down there and possibly riding in a manner considered dangerous by the constabulary. :LOL:
  9. Fruity Lexia out of a cask, or camelback, would be much safer. :p
  10. fruity lexia.

  11. Meh, it's all goon.

    One of those curly straws might have helped the characters in the OP... :LOL:
  12. Thats just disgusting , a beer from a stubie yes , but wine from a bottle , have they no decorum
  13. [quote="helina handbasket] Thats just disgusting , a beer from a stubie yes , but wine from a bottle , have they no decorum[/quote]

    Yep probably stole the bike in the first place, no ducasti would be seen dead drinking from the bottle unless it was towards the end of Spring racing carnival in melbourne :LOL: :LOL:

  14. What farkin di#kheads.. :furious: we cop enough shit from people as it is that dont ride,how is this going to help?
  15. i do this regurly on a saturday night minus the bike though :LOL:
  16. So let me get this straight just for clarification;

    if someone does something stupid to us in a car then they're arseholes......
    if a scooter rider doesn't nod or ride with enough protection then we're ignorant arseholes.....

    but if a Ducati rider (or I'm guessing any other road bike rider) does something stupid (which is potentially life threatening for themselves AND others on the road) then they're a hero??

    No wonder nobody takes any notice of our opinions.

  17. Woodsy wins the thread!
  18. Why would you pull the helmet down though, and risk snapping your chin strap, when you could just carve a hole in it with a hole saw to fit the bottle through?

    Bloody tools...

  19. Ahhhh the term "hero" was used in jest.

    See also sarcasm.
  20. You got it all wrong Greg !!

    I think you saw a Triumph (. . . something.) ST .

    Ducati owners are sensible and drink out of glasses ! :grin: