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Saw the cutest thing the other day ....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Nixy V3, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Saw the cutest thing the other day & just thought I would share ...

    A girl no older than 8yrs ? riding along on her bright bubble gum pink mini electric scooter with matching helmet & her pillion friend on the back :grin: both wearing extremely "tough looking" denim jackets, for safety obviously :wink:

    She showed such concentration & focus of everything around her as well as her speed, compensating for pillion movement etc, such a true little rider was a sheer pleasure to see & totally surprised me when she even gave me a wave :LOL:

    Ive got no doubt when she grows up she will continue her two wheel journey.
  2. My partner bought his daughter who is 6 her first push bike the other weekend. She is always putting on my leathers and helmet and wanting to sit on my bike. The day she got it she was busy practicing her skills until I got home from my ride. She was going up and down the footpath beside my house. I came down the street and saw her. Automatically I went up onto the footpath beside her on my bike, gave it a few revs, flipped my visor and said 'Do you race it little girl!'. :grin: :LOL:
    She laughed so hard and took off before I knew it. I turned off the bike and admitted defeat by a purple fairy bike with training wheels! :LOL:
  3. My youngest 'parks' her pushbike next to the virago. :grin: So sweet. :)
  4. Heather, that was you hunny, riding by a building with reflective glass :rofl:
  5. I love hearing stories like these, reminds me when I was young trying to convince my dad that his gloves & helmet fitted me perrrrrfectly so I could be pillion :LOL:

    Cant compete against those wings !

    You know what she's thinking huh :wink:
  6. Shhhhhhhhh ! Everyone knows I have heaps of different riding gear :cool: but not exactly what, so dont blow my cover :LOL:

    Gawd youre picking on me tonight !
  7. My nephew (4 next week) does the same thing with his trike when I visit. :LOL:

    He has the cutest red and chrome old school steal trike. He let me ride it once and it was a hoot. :grin: Although he's quick to point out that the ER-5 was faster than his bike, but the ER-6 isn't cause his bike is red. :cool: :LOL: I have it on his word that it's very, very fast. :wink: And when he's big, he's going to get a motor bike and go really, really fast. Even faster then me. :shock: The little bugger probably will too. :shock:

    Bikes are a genetic predisposition in my family. :)
  8. hahaha, so thats why I had to park way down yonder :LOL:
  9. I can’t wait till my nephew gets old enough to ride one of them things too…he loves sitting on my bike as it is (and playing with the fuel cap thing)
  10. Was it a sit down electric scooter? I'd love to get one for my Niece and Nephew...

    Sounds all too adorable :)
  11. Yep, a bit like this one but I dont think it had the pillion backrest or the training wheels

    Gawd :eek: , on googling these Ive come accross some real cool looking scoots & bikes :LOL:

    Heres one for the boys ....


    Hmm ideas for the virago maybe :LOL:


    A few other :cool: versions http://www.kidswheels.com/index.cfm?catid=173