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Saw my old 12..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. My poor old Blue was on the footpath sandwiched in with all the other common bikes at Spot On in Elizabeth St. :shock: :evil: :( Was in the city looking for something and i saw it there. :( Had a chat to the salesman who had no idea what the thing even had done to it. :mad: So i had to fill him in on its past and advise him of the tlc it had always had. How dare they just treat it like a common bike, after all dont they know who it belonged too.. :p

  2. OOOhhhhh the pain!!!!
    Know how you feel! Got a phone call from the new owner of my "old" bike (the one I loved a nd fastidiously cared for) a week after I traded it. she told me how she had dropped and busted up blinkers, fairing etc.....

    have they no shame?? :p
  3. Lolz. Judging from the damage that was already on my bike when I bought, I'd say the previous owner wouldn't have been to torn about me dropping it. :LOL:
  4. They're just lumps of metal and plastic. Ride 'em hard, put 'em away wet.
  5. its not yours anymore, so you can't do much about it :p
  6. or in the case of your arse Loz, Ride 'em hard, put away broken :p
  7. Well i seriously considered buying it .. :shock:
  8. Pain is right.. Bloody heart breaking it was. Wish it had of gone to someone i know..
  9. Gday Blue14, just what did you have done to the 1200. I`ve got one and love it even though it stock apart from some bar risers. The 12 was fast enough so the 14 will be fun! Watch ya mirrors!
  10. Gday there. The 12 had the following, Radguard, 1/2 Tank bra, clear lenses, braided lines, Dino seat hinge, K&N Filters, Megacycle can, PC111. Dynoed at 180 Rwhp. Was the best looked after bike on this earth, ask anyone. Now as for the 14 .. :twisted:
  11. Hey Blue,

    Help me out here.

    I saw photos of your bike in the other thread..

    & I could almost swear I've in the past seen a website using a photo
    of this bike as advertising for their business :?

    As far as you know, am I onto something here?

    On a side issue, how do you think your bike stacks up against a stock ZX10R?
  12. Ok the 12 is on the Megacycle website.. And i assume you are asking about the 14 against a new 10. I would be fairly confident that of the mark the 10 would jump away. But once the 14 gets going i would have to say look out.. :twisted:
  13. Aaah, thats the site!

    Was actually asking you about the 12 V's the 10..
  14. 12 v 10 hey. Hmmm still say the 10 would be quicker off the line. Then the 12 would real it in. My 12 had mods, but i believe an 07 10 would have given it a good run, purely due to the weight factor. The 10 and 12 were very close in hp readouts in stock trim. But the 10 is almost 40 kg lighter. The 10 for off the line acceleration, the 12 for sheer torque and top end speed. Too close to call, im sitting on the fence on this one.. :grin:
  15. Thanks for that champ. :wink:

    Beautiful 12 you let go of there. Lets see if you better it with the 14 :p :cool:
  16. Anytime mate.. and i am sure i will get the 14 flying.. :twisted:
  17. And this topic is in this forum why?

    Im sorry to ask but if we do something like rider down threads or post something wrong, we get moderated as quick as can be, but this thread is running rampant.
  18. Well maybe its in the right place unlike some threads that get put wherever. :? And i hardly call a dozen replies running rampant. Other than that delete it if ya want..
  19. maybe cos the 12 is for sale,
    even if it is at spoton in elizabeth st, it's still for sale.
  20. I had a run with a 10 recently on my ZZR12. In the real tight stuff the 10 rider was doing it a lot easier and was pulling away as my lines out of corners were getting wider. I was basically in one gear and could hear him changing up/down on occassion. Could be more torque could be different strokes for different folks.

    On the more open road the 12 would hunt him down and he seemed to be having trouble with the crappy road surface we call roads. Which was faster, I think that as always comes down to the attitude, experience and risk factor you are prepared to take. Oh alright the 10 was faster but only cos I let him. :cool: