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Saw an accident this morning on the way to work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Spud Gun, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. I drive to work as I am not confident enough to tackle the harbour bridge just yet, and I had taken the turn off of William street to join the short bit of tunnel before sweeping left and onto the flyover over Circular Quay (that joins the bridge). About three quarters of the way down the flyover was an ambulance and what looked to me like a blue R1/R6 type bike propped up against the wall which didn't look too badly damaged to me (but I am new to bikes so it might not have been an R1/R6). There were 2 people on stretchers so I assume it must have been a pillion. They were talking away which is a very good sign. Was it anyone from here? Eitehr way, I hope they heal quickly and completly.

  2. i ride from the top of william st to work everyday but didn't see this....what time did this occur?
  3. I saw this at about 7:45am, very near the tunnel bit that winds up to the bridge.
  4. i must have missed it by 10 minutes.

    hope they are ok
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  5. What do you think of it?