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Saw a spill today :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. I was driving home in the car after picking up my son from day care this afternoon.... was on the S.E Freeway just after Corro Drive and had a bike 1 car ahead of me.. (was a car between us.... the car went to left lane... bike went to right lane... (obivously i was in middle lane here) he went in front of another car.. not too close so didnt think much of it... except he had the wobbles or tried to make the right hand exit and didnt make it... but he got all out of shape and highsided... the bike went out of my sight with the car to my left in the way.... but i saw if flip higher than the car... and then he slammed on his brakes... the helmet of this guy rolled out in front of me :( couldn't believe it!!! i shat my pants :( i was already stopped and then saw the guy get up and shake his hand.. then the guy in the car on my left who skidded got out to see if he was ok and so did another car behind him... i had to keep going as my son was crying from long day and the sharpish braking.... felt bad about leaving a fellow biker in an accident :( also couldnt believe that i was slowing down before the car next to me... maybe he didnt think the guy would accident??? but i was slowing down way before him... maybe its also just that i ride now so look for things that are goin are could go wrong now..... anyways.. .jsut thought i would post this cause i just rode out to ipswich and back for my netball game... felt really scared to be on road on my bike after seeign that... really made me concentrate on every corner and watch every car in front and behind now :(

  2. Kudos to you for being aware of what was going on around you.

    I can understand how it must have felt bad not being able to stop and render assistance.
  3. that is a harsh reminder for us all to be careful on the roads.

    Hope your son isn't to traumatised.
  4. I don't know about you guys in Australia... but here in Brazil the lack of respect toward motorcycles is a big ISSUE.

    I'm used to a lot of odd situations... but the major reminder for me here is the CORRECT use of a GOOD helmet. :shock:
  5. thats what i was saying to my girlfriend too speed3!!!! couldnt believe that his helmet came off!!!! was an open face one... scared the crap out of me when it rolled in front of my car!!!! so glad i spent some money on my arai... known brand and D.O.T approved... so i know it works... and is right size for my head....

    My son is still excited to see 'daddy bike) he he he... he is 2 in september so prolly wont remeber it... i'll keep sitting him on my bike at home an stuff so he doesnt get scared of them :) i think he was more worried about me and the braking he he.. he likes me 'zooming' in the car.... i do little swerves on the road and make zooming noises for him he he... (obviously when no one around to see me swerving in my lane :p :)