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VIC Saw a potentially stolen bike - W'gate fwy 6/12/14 11:15pm

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by robsalvv, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Travelling outbound on the West gate freeway last night, just after the Kororoit Ck road bridge a bike headlight appears in my rear vision mirror, closing fast.

    I'm in the left lane and it splits my car at high speed.

    As it goes past the bike bounces off the rev limiter.

    The rider is dressed in jeans, sneakers and a grey hoodie with a black helmet. Couldn't get the bike type but it has a tail tidy and NO number plate. He bounces off the rev limiter a few more times as he speeds away. Really odd.

    Then he takes the Newlands street exit which has a nice hair pin and I speed up to see how the hero handles it... he virtually comes to a stop and wobbles around then hammer at high speed in a straight line to the red light at the T intersection. He wobbles to a stop and he's jumpy, the body language was like he was going to run the red.

    Light goes green, he's turning right, barely wobbles around to make the turn and floors it, bouncing of the rev limiter a few more times messing up the gear changes as he goes, then it occurs to us that this bike is being ridden like it is stolen.

    The guy then negotiates a round about is less than graceful style and carries on at high speed.

    I couldn't tell what bike it was, but it was also either missing a muffler on the right or it had a shorty pipe.

    Anybody we know?

  2. Did it sound like an F1 car? Dad and I were out the front of the house in Newport listening to what sounded like an F1 car. Later in the day a blacked out bike split passed me on a one lane road, was pretty quiet at the speed limit but was loud as hell when he took off, sounded a lot like F1. Didn't notice if he had a license plate or not. Bike was kind of matte black. He was tooling around for at least a couple hours though.
  3. It did kind of sound like an F1 car but I couldn't see much about the bike at night - the undertail/tail tidy was black.

    Interesting that you noted a knob on a bike too. How dumb must the rider be if they are a crim - if it is a stolen bike, why bring attention to yourself??
  4. We saw a similar bike last night, no rear light, riding in the rain.

    Was there a rear light on your sighting?
  5. Just because the bloke can't ride for sht and hangs on the limiter in public doesn't mean the bike is stolen. Could be many explanations.

    A - drug addict racing for his next fix
    B - busting to get home for a dump
    C - Forgot to turn the stove off
    D - a complete tosser

  6. Was gonna say gixxersrule until the wobbling.
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    Last edited: Dec 7, 2014
    like Twysted Throttle's bike? seems to be a Melbourne thing :p