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saw a flash.... am expecting a speeding fine soon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blue, May 6, 2006.

  1. was riding up BELL st and saw a white flash from behind. looked at my speedo and I was doing about 85-90...... speed limit is 70. how much should I expect? any chance of fighting it? it will be my first one ever.... been driving and riding since 98 so I am really annoyed with myself.

  2. Don't worry, it was just someone at a camera shop testing a new flash gun out on the footpath :p

    We wish......
  3. I wish...... but was near a flower shop actually
  4. after you receive the fine, write a polite letter addressed to the officer who wrote it.

    don't make excuses, just say you admit you did wrong and you apologise. also nice to include the payment (say, personal cheque)

    if it's your first offence, they'll send the cheque back :)
  5. Fight it????

    You were busted speeding by your own admission.

    Pay up and chalk it up to the learning experience.

    And believe me, your still learning after 8 years. I've been driving (licenced) since 1980 and I'm still learning. :wink:
  6. no offence Androo but from what I have heard of Cops, thay aren't that sympathetic. But I will certainly give it a try, thanks. It will be my first speeding or red light camera offence ever.
  7. the following is not my excuse and I will certainly not include it in any apology letter. actually I am annoyed I let myself get angry.

    I was really slow(for a bike) of the lights and a ute overtook me in the same lane I was riding in, felt like I could touch the tray with my knee, it was that close. My girfriend was on the bike with me so I was really pissed. I caught up with the ute... near the driver's side nd 'showed' him what i was thinking with my left hand and rode off..... the flash came 10 secs later.
  8. pay the fine and use it as a lesson learnt.

    if you have a clean driving record , you can also write a letter explaining what happened and ask that it be changed to a warning instead of a fine, they dont have to do it , but they can.
    it is worth a try .

    bell st is pretty busy so if there is a car near you or in the photo as well you may not get it so wait until it turns up first then ask for a copy of the photo , most important then take it from there.
  9. You can only plead to have your fined changed to a warning if you have never had any traffic violation.
    You also need to be doing <10km/h over the greed limit.

    Don't stress too much, if there is another vehicle in the shot then they cannot issue the infringement.

    Good luck, put it down to a lesson learnt :)
  10. No chance the ute was an unmarked and sucked you into speeding, perchance :evil: ?
  11. It would not be a cop who snapped the pic anyways it would be a contractor hired by the vic police to man speed cameras.
    coppers havent been manning speed cameras for years.
    You can write a letter to someone addressed on the infringment notice when you get it and tell them u have never been booked etc and ask for a warning.
  12. Try to weasel out of it.
  13. Tennix currently holds that contract

    It has been in contractor hands for at least 10 years?

    Pointless as he was traveling at least 15km/h over the speed limit. Even with the Bracks km/h taken off it still puts them at over 10km/h

    It's not the end of the world, dont get in a flap, wait and see if you even get the ticket.

    I was sent a fine back in 2001, opted to have it heard in court, I'm still waiting for the court date. I've had 2 greed cameras flash me and have not received a fine. Just becuase they fired the shot does not automatically mean you will get a fine.

    Chill, deal with it when and if the time comes. Till such time, PAY ATTENTION :LOL:
  14. mmmmm... a conspiracy you mean, against unfined virgins. I did feel like I was being followed :(
  15. Ive been flashed alot of times and not gotten anything... sometimes you get lucky so dont worry too much...

    Once I had a pillion and was riding down Dequettiville (sp?) in Adelaide, heading away from the Britiannia Roundabout, just passing that Motel on the corner and (everyone knows they put cameras on that strip) I saw the type of car that houses those little cash machines. Well, I had a pillion (so didnt feel like heavy braking) and saw this camera, going about 80, I say to myself, "hmm, that looks like a camera" (by this time I had passed it, was looking behind me) and then BANG! right in the eyes!! God Im a fool!!

    So, I did what any fresh P plater does who rides a 2 stroke - I gunned it. Well, I was passing the wine center down the road (before Saints) at about 120 when lo and behold - theres another camera hiding in the bushes. Well - it was too late too slow down wasnt it?!

    So I passed that trap at about 140.

    No tickets in the mail.
    And yes I was very irresponsible but have grown out of it (mostly :twisted: )

    as a side note - i got a $250 fine about a month later for 'obstructed plates'. PAH!
  16. Wave goodbye to 3 Points and $200. Ouch!
  17. Yes sure send a letter if the fine arrives but dont send a cheque with it as theres no way out then and they wont send back the money :grin:
  18. Am I the only person who looks around for the camera when a tram gives off an arc flash driving around the CBD??