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Saw a disturbing sight today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scottatron, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. So here I was driving home from Carlton, was right near Clifton Hill McDonald's and I see a learner on his RGV - obviously having some mechanical issues. He was sitting on the bike in a right hand turn lane revving it.....

    But the main issue I saw was he was wearing a helmet (Good boy), but he was wearing a T-Shirt, designer style jeans (So not draggins etc), and blundstones - no gloves either.

    Seriously WTF?! In the right lane, as a learner wearing a bloody T-shirt?

    I wonder how long until he requires a skin graft or 50.....
  2. He probably was only wearing a helmet because it is illegal not to :roll:
  3. I was going to say somethinga bout learners riding RGV's...but I realised you from a state that doesn't adhere to LAMS...silly scrambles. I'll shut up.
  4. You cant put brains into monuments. :roll:
  5. No kidding! The thought of riding a bike in Melbourne, in August, in just a T-shirt is disturbing indeed...
  6. each to there own in terms of protective gear, people can wear whatever they want, we're not there mothers.

    hahaha at wearing a t-shirt in winter melbourne though, he'd be high beamin for sure!
  7. Skeeo this has been buggin me for ages...exactly how quick does your xbox 360 go? Is it good off the lights, or is it more suited to long cruises? :grin:
  8. I'm living proof that squids don't need skin grafts :cool:
  9. Im proof that non squids do!
  10. Depends on how you ride I guess... I've ridden more than 10 yrs on Tshirt and jeans ... no problems.

    Only the past 2 years I'm into riding gear but that's because I ride 600cc and at speed, not that I'm in the illusion that it will save me at 200+ kph. Senna died at 125kph and he wore the best there is... :?
  11. Whos been watching HAPPY DAYS! Eyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. He was probably the mechanic from the nearest shop doin' a test run on a repair.
  13. get over it ..... who cares........ it's his/her life, let them live it the way they want too... it sure as shit ain't hurting anybody else is it.
    I choose to suit up.. but if I didn't I wouldn't want some do gooder tell me how or what I should wear when I'm riding MY bike.
  14. He might be minding the bike for somebody.
  15. I think Senna was going a bit faster than 125kph, and the issue with protective gear is not for impact protection but for skin rash protection.....

    That said, if he wants to be stupid, why should I care?
  16. Re: Saw a disturbing site today

    today on my way down the kings highway (in my ute) i was overtaken by a L plater on a small bike wearing shorts, t-shirt, helmet, shoes(no socks) and gloves.

    i was going to make a post about it, but you kinda summed it up with this one.

    my father drilled it in to us to protect ourselves....i feel naked if i even neglect to wear gloves.

    silly buggers, probably havent experienced FRICTION before. :?
  17. ...or stealing it :LOL:
  18. The one time i couldnt find my gloves when i rode dirtbikes, i almost lost a finger.

    Lesson learnt.
    Having said that, the law requires us to wear a helmet. Thats all.
    Squid wants to squid, go for it. It makes no difference to other partys involved in an accident, so really they are only harming themselves.

    Me, im all geared up all the time. My wife would do more damage than the road if i left home without my gear.
  19. It's the riders that wear jeans/shorts, t-shirts, and no gloves etc. that will soon enough be the reasoning for the govt mandating/regulating a minimum level of safety gear. Whether your for/against/indifferent, we all dislike being legally required to do somethign and losing choice, so maybe that in itself is a reason for caring?

    There's also the cost to the community for recover/rehab etc. ... the same reason seatbelts were legislated. I wonder if those that squid also drive without seatbelts?