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saw a bike with British number plates riding at picton

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. UI saw a bike with British number plates riding at picton yesterday (Sunday). I later saw it at the picton pub over the bridge, would have liked to talk to the rider, but too many people there couldnt pick up any british accents.
    Wonder if he brought it via airplane and how much it would have cost him? or her, but more hims at the pub, would like to see more girls riding too.
    I cant imagine myself riding in europe with yellow NSW plates on the back of my bike, but would be fun

  2. What's a British plate look like?
  3. On holiday in Australia? Probably a burnt shade of pink.
  4. [​IMG]

    Ugliest things I've ever seen. Couldn't imagine having to ride around with one of those oversized mofo's :shock:
  5. Talk about mud-flaps...
  6. Yah they are dreadful aren't they :LOL:
  7. na, it looked like this, the bike was huge too, it was a bmw 1100gs

    wonder what would happen if he went passed a speed camera, or rode on the m7 without a tag
  8. My girl's got 'em

    Another Fan Ktulu? :cool: :LOL:
  9. *edit*

    never mind.
  10. Ktulu, Dougz...

    You guys just gained so many points in my appreciation of you.

  11. Costs about $2600 return to ship a bike to the US and back so its not really a huge cost. Mine is going over next year with these guys http://www.getrouted.com.au
  12. But if you ship it wouldnt it be standing round for months without starting, or do the guys on the ship take turns on it? Would you go on the ship too and cook for free passage, this guy did

  13. Must be the worlds fastest Indian I assume? Great movie too... He must have been quite a character.
  14. I meet a guy at Bald Hill, Stanwell tops one day that had the same thing. What he did was sent the bike over by boat and he booked a flight to land the same day it was landed in the country by boat. Then waited for customs to clear it and got a temp approval to ride it in Australia.
    He had to prove that the bike would be returned to allow him to ride it with current registration from its home country. The rego also had to be long enough to have it ridden in Aust.

    He was touring in Australia and was telling me about how he was just finding the twistest road from A to B and stopping where he felt like! What a life hey!
  15. you would want to stay for a fair amount of time here to make it wearth it.
    Wonder if it would start after hanging round on a ship for at least a month.
    wonde if he had to get a greenslip or if his insurance from england was ok for here