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Saw 3....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by **~PinkBitz~**, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. #1 **~PinkBitz~**, Oct 8, 2006
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    ohhhh gosh... the first 2 scared the crap out of me.. im only just starting to sleep again haha

    not so sure about seeing this one :shock:

    what did you all think of the first 2?

    (p.s.... im bored.. and i want attention :p )
  2. bwahahahahahahaha
  3. Well put it this way, when ever i use a hack saw i cant stop thinking of that scene in the 1st movie. You know, the one where he has to "hack" off his own foot.
  4. mmm saw... I loved that film there was one point where my girl and I looked at each other and said 'I thought it was a corpse'

    can't wait to see it, loved the first and the second one
  6. Loved the first one but still haven't seen the second one :(
  7. Yeah I bet you do.
    Crap Crap & Crap

    & thats coming from a mother of 3 teenage boys ...
  8. the lady and the syringes in saw 2 that was the worse scene for me
    it grossed me out completely and almost started crying in pain :p
  9. A vial of Tobin Bell's blood was used for the colour on the Saw 3 movie posters.


    That'll be great. I'm going to expect sod all from it except for cool contraptions that put people in sucky situations, but I enjoyed the first two.

    Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.