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Saved by WireRope!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by B3NKobe, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Wow!! Firstly thanks a million to the WireRoping for saving my life today!! :)

    Well riding out of the city today on the Monash Freeway about 500 metres from where the roadworks begin at Waverly for the Eastlink Pass, im just cruising nicely in amoungst the traffic in the far right lane (3rd Lane).

    Then out of knowwhere all this dirt is sprayed onto me from the other side of the freeway (On Coming Traffic), I prepair for it quickly and have a quick glance towards the otherside to see where its coming from, theres a large semi trailer truck and I thought it had come from that at first,

    then the next thing I see is a Red VR Commodore (I think) coming sideways towards me smashing through some small tree shrubs and stopping instantly in the Wire Roping.

    I had just witnessed half a car crash and the car stopped about 2 metres from me, if that wire roping wasnt there then there was a very good chance it could have continued sliding knocking me of the bike and god knows what may have happend then.

    I didnt stop to see if the driver was okay, as it happend so quick and cars on the otherside of the freeway had allready pulled up and same for the large truck, im not sure how the crash started as I missed the start of it,

    I do hope the driver is okay though, as he did wipe out several medium sized bushes on the drivers side door and then smashed into the wire rope.

    Im still a bit shacken up after what I sore and happend, Im just so lucky that the wire roping stopped the car. :oops: , wrong place at the wrong time!
  2. :shock: Near Death Experience :shock:

    1. Make sure life insurance is up to date
    2. Kiss that wirerope
    3. Get new pants...
  3. Don't forget, Armco or concrete barriers will probably have done the same job, too...
  4. That's scary... definately buy a lottery ticket :)

    Everytime I see the wire rope though I always think it's going to decapitate somebody for some reason...
  5. :shock: Wow lucky boy! But like mjt said any barrier would have done the job yes?
  6. Yes true, any other sort of barrier, concrete or metal would have still done the same Job, Well I would like to think so,

    its just the fact that like 'aozora' said 2 posts up, evertime I ride past or see the Wire Rope I think "it's going to decapitate somebody for some reason..."

    And also the fact it saved the day for me, so im praising the wire rope :grin:
  7. Time to buy a lottery ticket. Glad you're ok!
  8. Run, dont walk, run to the nearest lottery agent and buy a ticket for me!

    I'll pay ya for it from the winnings :grin:
  9. The Monash Carpark strikes again.Glad to hear your ok....+ 1 for that tatts ticket.
  10. Wire ropes are designed to stop cars and trucks from crossing to the oncoming traffic.. unfortunately unlike the UK ones (which we apparently copied) ours are lacking the extra rope to stop a sliding motorcyclist from sliding under and onto the oncoming traffic. Worst yet due to their dasign in some places a motorcyclist will get their helmet stuck under them resulting in a broken neck...

    First recorded death in victoria of a motorcyclist directly linked to wire ropes happend ONE day after a 5m experimental whire rope was installed on the corner of Burwood Hwy and Mt dandenong tourist rd.

    So yes The ropes saved your life today coz the car did not cross to the other side BUT if the roles were reversed and you were sliding....

    I think they are both a blessing and a curse...
  11. as i was reading the OP i thought, damn i really wanna see a good story about those friggen wires... but no, it was a car hitting it.. great to see B3NKobe didnt get collected by the car.. I was a passenger going along that frankston - dandenong and the amount of wires there was very nearly frightening...
  12. Yawn...WRB's are no worse than an Armco railing for motorcyclists, do some reading, the studies have been done. A motorcyclist hitting any form of barrier at speed is in a shitload of trouble.
    At least WRB's will give a little.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. if you've got that research handy, I'd love to have a read....
  14. Pete, thanks for the read...

    I had my assumptions on crash barriers before reading that report, as you would expect, and after reading it, my assumptions turned out to be reasonably close to their findings, or not bad enough...

    its definitely worth reading the whole thing,

    Clearly, Im justified in being a little scared of wire ropes, (and significanlty, their staunchions). I should also be concerned with any exposed post on any barrier because if I slide into that I'm probably looking at serious injures. Concrete will either bounce me back into traffic or catapult me over the top. and if im going to hit anything really, I think Id prefer to hit it with the bike still upright - the posts really ruin things...

    perhaps we should rip out all barriers and plant dense bushes everywhere, :roll: :(

    ............. because I'm not about buy a car and stop riding
  15. :LOL:

    id go for blackberries, plenty of cushion, and thorns to grab u so u dont keep moving :twisted:
  16. Tell me about it. Hot day, 1975, going up to a local fire service dam for a swim. Come around this corner, lose it on the loose sand, off the road and into a huge clump of blackberries (no, not those that you can make phone calls on, in case no-one knows of any other type). Doing about 70 kays, the bike gets pulled up like an F14 on arrestor wires with me catapaulting over the bars landing in the berries on my back. It was weird, all this grabbing at my clothing (demin jacket, jeans). Mate pulls me out. A few small scratches, but otherwise sound.

    A few weeks earlier on the same corner, the mate and his girlfriend did the exact same thing. It was New Year's Day and a group of 10 or so riders heading up to the same dam. Two of the lads have a prang on the corner (racing each other). then others pile into them. The mate opts for the blackberries. His girlfriend, on the back wearing short jeans pants, sandals and a t-shirt didn't think it was such a good option.....

    So yeah, I reckon that they should dig huge pits all along every road and grow blackberries...
  17. I've always wondered why after people use up a fair bit of their luck allocation people suggest they buy a lotto ticket to try and use up even more :-k
  18. Not likely.

    Armco and concrete barriers dont have the ability to disperse kinetic energy nearly as well as WRB's. There's also a much higher chance of a car going over concrete and armco, thus potentially putting the OP in much more danger.

    I dont know why we sook so hard about WRB's. To date WRB's are 1-0 in favour of motorcycles. I am yet to hear of anyone seriously injured/killed thanks to WRB's.
  19. Is that so? Could you send me some links or references to this? I'd like to dispel the myths if what you say is correct?

    There have been reported fatalities in Tasmania, Victoria (Ferntree Gully comes to mind) and perhaps other states. I don't have the information to hand. I'm sure that if someone wants to, they can point you to this info.