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Saved a life on my ride.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by solidsk8, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I was riding to work this morning and was approaching a red light when I saw a blob on the road. I thought it was a blob of grease 'cause it looked all greasey in the early morning light, but as I road past and pulled up at the lights it jumped! That's because it was a green tree frog.

    It was right in the middle of the road between my bike and the car behind and the light had only just turned red, so I popped the bike in neutral (there were stopped cars behind me, who patiently waited, so all good), picked it up and put it in the bushes just past the footpath.

    Has anyone else seen some odd stuff on the road recently? It was nice to see something different on the daily commute.

    And green tree frog - if you read this, hope you got home okay.

  2. Thanks mate!!... I owe ya!!....:D

  3. Ah QLD...

    Have you ever splatted a cane toad on your bike? I'm wondering if there is collateral splashing. I have fond memories of Dad in a Fiat 182 weaving all over the road when I was really young, trying to get a high score.
  4. I remember on the Three Points Ride some years ago we waited and waited and waited for our last member to arrive at one point, and just as we were about to head back up to find him, he hove into view, and told us that he'd stopped to turn a terrapin right-side-up and move it off the road

    aw shucks :LOL:
  5. Yup, tiny field mouse sitting in the middle of the lane, I thought it was Stuart Little. Pulled over, ran back to him and he just sat there, no he wasn't dead.

    I gave him a little nudge and he jumped off like a little rocket. He was just asleep..LOL
    Ran under the bridge. I always ride that way and look out for him now.
  6. all I can saw is 'awwwwwwww', that's too nice... I'm a softy for animals. Like them more than people most of the time lol
  7. aww way cute!

    i've saved a ringtail possum by doing that, getting off bike and the creature didn't wanna move (would have been in RH wheel track for a car), but he budged and then ran up a telegraph pole :)

    also saved a green tree snake in the same fashion, across my entire lane :) swerved safely around it onto the other side of the road (no one coming), stopped, got off, and moved him on his way.
  8. rrrrrrrrrrreckon.
  9. That reminds me of when I was camping as a kid. We found some green tree frogs and kept them as pets for a night (probably not the nicest thing to do but we were kids) but we decided to let them go into the swamp in the morning. However as we released them a kookaburra swooped in and picked each one off one by one. Hope that didn't happen to your little buddy.
  10. I've stopped to let the odd hippie cross the road in a world of his own. Its a Byron thing.
  11. In the last month saw a lyre bird (again) crossing the old road and an echidna crossing a busy road near my house. I didn't stop for the echidna but did flash my lights to warn the oncoming traffic.
  12. I think it was 3 turtles kicked off the road by the end of the trip, I was so far ahead of you guys you didn't catch me when I stopped for the other 2 :p

    The only time you had to turn back for me was when I ran out of fuel in the thunderstorm and you guys sweet-talked the closest service station owner guy into opening up to fill us up...
  13. +1.

    Got to look out for the ducks around here, sometimes they're hard to see on the road just after dawn. Cute little guys, they're doing well if they're not getting eaten by all of the feral cats and dogs.
  14. Those ducks can be unpredictable, I was passing a few of them near a golf course that were happily walking around about 20foot from the road in a 80zone

    That was until they heard my yoshi, and one decided to take flight right infront of me and straight into my head/chest with my visor up (picture wild hogs moment with a fullfaced helmet and a duck)

    The duck spun off me and i spun around to see the duck had landed on the road, It might of been ok at this point Im not sure, because 2 seconds later the fourby that had been following me ran it over (actually looked deliberate, perhaps it was the most humane thing anyway)

    After pulling over at a servo quite a few kms down the road, I was informed I had green gunk all over my helmet and smeared on my face (I dont even want to think what that green stuff was ](*,) )
  15. Ive done similar stuff, typically kind to those Bob-tailed Lizards (blue-tongue lizard/shingleback etc) Its really sad when you see F**kwits go out of there way to kill the poor fellas.. theyre just on the blacktop trying to soak a little warmth to begin thier day poor fellas dont have hot coffee and blankets like we do.
  16. Well done mate.
  17. Yup..Echinda walking along the white line in the centre of the road about 100 meters up from a roundabout. I dropped the stand and scooped him up taking him to the side...until I heard the exhaust brake of the truck that had cleared the roundabout..my bike still on the road...in a rural 80 zone..oh f@%k!!
    I had to move quick to release the echidna in a safe direction and get my bike moving...NOW! If I was a rugby player the echindas release was poetry in flight...some one once told me that they were like cats and would land on their feet...or did I dream that? I gives you an enormous sense of well being knowing that you have helped out an animal in whatever way.
  18. I agree with carpetbelly, most wild animals are much easier to get along with than the some of the general public, and they're not poisonous.

    I've stopped for koalas more than once, and run over a cane toad on my bike. They're pretty slippery, and it's not pretty when they blow.
  19. i remember years ago in my bong smoking days, (funny funny times :) a massive green tree frog scared **** outta me as it limped out from behing my bedroon dresser covered in fluf and tangled in hair... I picked the big fella up, untangeled him and plopped him in a glass of water out in the garden....

    Glass of water ?... i dunno I was stoned, seemed like the most fantastic idea EVER !!

    He was gone a few hours later... Maybe a bird got him,,, I dunno...
  20. edit <replied to a post that disapeared? do deleted mine>