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saved $450 by asking dumb question

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by russ, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. yup,

    phoned up western QBE
    ME: "why is there an under 25yr old ecess on my policy given that i'm not under 25"

    Werstern QBE: "sir that is on everyones policy you'll find that .... hmm can you hold on for a moment?"

    on hold :music:

    Western QBE "hi yes it seems we have your birthday as 1/1/81 (incorrect) so in fact your policy is less"

    yeh just a bit less... 450 dollars less
  2. There are no stupid questions, just stupid insurance companies...
  3. Does this come into effect when you TURN 25 or when you turn 26??? :?: :?: :?:
  4. Under the age of 25 would mean exactly that. under?
  5. I believe it's when you turn 25 because is less Under 25's usually and not 25 AND under. If it's the former then it's on your 25th, if it's the latter then it's on your 26th. If the former and they question you tell them to change the wording because it is misleading.
  6. Sorry for asking a DUMB question but this bloke did it and saved $450 bucks.
    Do it at netrider and get flamed :(

    They always say over 25, and never say 25 and over?
    That to me means 26.

    Just clarifying
  7. Thanks, I got it now!
    ..... If I saved $450 on my insurance i'd be paying 14 dollars a year... LOL

  8. Fairly sure it kicks in when you turn 26 - that was the case with me recently (if it's not then RACV owe me money).
  9. Dont worry bout it Lids. Its like water on a ducks back :grin:

    RACV does not use the term "Over 25". Its "25 & Over" so as
    soon as U turn 25 your payable excess is reduced
  10. Well you better call 131955 bro, nothing kicks in when you turn 26 :p
  11. My anal retentive side would kick in here and I'd argue that the moment after I turned 25, I was actually over 25. Sure, not a whole year over 25, but over none the less. I think to combat anal retentives such as myself, they always say "under 25".

  12. After all once you turn 25 you are in your 26th year
  13. And to go one further, your 9 months in the womb can possibly count as well (depending on what side of the debate you're on!). At the "age" of 25 you're actually 25 and three quarters.
  14. Please just forget I posted! :( :( :(

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. So do you celebrate your birthday on the day your folks conceived you??

    "It was this day 21 years ago that my mum & dad had a very special night in the back of their old Comby... So let's get pissed..."
  16. That is a very disturbing thought!!
  17. I think it is self explanatory. "birth"day. Not conception day.
  18. The day you turn 25 you become over 25, first you are 25 and a bit then 25 and a quarter then 25 and a half etc.
  19. So technically you are really only 25 for about 1 minute! This being the time stated as the 'time of birth' when you are born!!!
  20. In my post I didn't mention "birth," only "age." If you want to measure your age as being your birthday, then that's fine. Otherwise you can also measure your age as being your conception.

    I guess you can compare it to measuring your height from the top of your head to sole of your foot (actual height) or the distance between your hair and the sole of your shoe.

    *edit: typo