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Save Vic's Sanity

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by port80, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. So.. as we all know Vic is in a little bit of pain right now. Some might say that the pain has caused him to go a little err... crazy?

    I have been reliably informed that a PSP and MotoGP might just rescue his sanity.

    I'd like to gather roughly $400 to buy the PSP and MotoGP by Netriders putting in what cash they can.

    I'll organise collecting the cash before Monday 16th April. BTW, no I'm not just collecting cash for myself as people make offers I will list their names and totals below. Anybody that would like to assist please PM me.

    Target: $375
    Received: $400

    Leading contributors:
    Anonymous $50 - received
    Anonymous $30 - received
    MG $30 - received
    Ronin11 $30 - received
    Pinkxie & Raven $20 - received
    Hornet600 $20 - received
    Muttly $20 - received
    Chef $20 - received
    joelridescbr $20 - received
    robsalvv $20 - received
    Hopper $20 - received
    Jamie_2006 $20 - received
    Ward_4e $20 - received
    TBA $20 - received
    kezza01 $20 - received
    Fuzzy $10 - received
    cruisingal $10 - received
    Geordielass $10 - received
    speed $10 - received
  2. Actually I would have gone with grumpy bum but totally understandable.

    Gawd we're a sympathetic lot here at NR with donations!!
    Okay okay, count me in for the chips & :popcorn:
  3. where do we dump our cash?
  4. Tsk :roll: netriders.
    I'll put in $16 if you tell me where and you change your OP. :p

    cheers Scheff
  5. I'll be in on that. :LOL: Where you want the cash...?
  6. Cheers port. Should make 2-5am a little more interesting than watching those afro-americans singing about God ;)
  7. "no tv, no beer, make vic go something something"............."go crazy"?
    " Dont mind if i do" :demon:
  8. Your shiting me right?? Vic has some sanity left :rofl:
    Well we cant have that now can we, i recon we auction off Vics sanity for charity.
  9. uh uh, he's "feel'n fine"
  10. Thanks D Stump, Chef and boo.

    For non Melbourne members I'm not sure how to collect the cash, perhaps transfer funds to my account? Or postal cheque?

    If those making offers can list they amounts they could give then that would assist me trying to figure out when we have enough.

    I think it's about time we give back to Vic a little of what he has personally given to the NR community.

    Thanks again.
  11. Haha, reminded me of Homer v's The Movementarians " Homer no function beer well without!"
  12. I'm in for $20. Vic has been most helpful to me in my time at NR :grin:

    Port80 if you could PM me your bank account details I'll transfer the money.
  13. Well done Muttly. I'll PM you late this week. I won't start collecting money / accepting transfers until we're well on our way.

    I'm on the bike for the next couple of days so if any of the mods would like to keep the first post up to date for that would be great :)
  14. yeah, I am in for $20, least I could do after Vic & Port helped me with buying the bike.
  15. I will donate a yuppie food stamp $20 but in doing so I accept no liablility and or accept in any way resposibility for vic's therapy bills from my time on netrider :LOL: :LOL:
  16. ill throw down $20.. vics done plenty for me.. insult me.. grab my arse.. play with my manboobs.. give me shit.. give me the shits..

    for a small price you all know that vic will never be heard from again once he gets his hands on a device like this.. ESP with motoGP (great game BTW.. just finished a season on 360)

    in all seriousness.. i was couped up in a similar situation just before i hooked on to NR, and its the worst thing in the world. if something like this will save his sanity(what little is left), count me in.
  17. Thanks to all those so far. Do we have any other takers?

    Only seems fair we help Vic out in time of need after all he has personally given to NR.
  18. Count me in for $10 too... :grin:

    Apologies for the crappy amount - but this monthly pay malarky is killing me - gonna be on Maggi nodles until payday :cry:
  19. Ohhh how I sympathise....
    You can afford noodles?????????? :eek:
  20. I'll chip in some amount too, afterall, he likes Howard Jones... so he must be a good bloke. Prolly a $20.