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QLD SAVA MC18 tyres on an NSR150SP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Jim bob, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. #1 Jim bob, Mar 18, 2016
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    Hi folks,

    Second post... yay, first post I put in the wrong category/section... boo

    I am looking for decent tyres for my NSR150. Ideally looking for something like the Dunlop Alpha 13s but they do not make them in the sizes required for the NSR.

    After some research it seems SAVA tyres are the goods for bucket racing. The MC18 comes in the correct sizes for the NSR. Problem is they were made for 80cc bucket racing and as such are only a P speed rated tyre. This is a normal 150klm/hr limit.

    The little NSR can reach 190klm/hr. Has anyone tried using the MC18 before on the NSR150? Anyone think I would be good for trying it or do you think I'd be crazy to use them? They look to be a light carcass suited to a similar weighted bike which is good. That is unless they fly to pieces at over 150k/hr. Thought someone may be in a similar predicament and trialed them?


    sizes I need are
  2. Hi Jim.

    I had read your previous posting, and then went to the garage to check what size tyres are on my 125 Cagiva.

    They are 110/70 R17 and 150/60 R17 BT003s, so, by the looks of it, it won't help you much...... but I did try.
  3. no disrespect intended with this reply. Are you riding this bike cause you are a learner ? Or cause like some of us we keep a 125/250 cause of the rego and the fun. I have a mc18 and a mc21 love them both and have a great time on them.

    I have never heard of SAVA tyers but surely there is a set of tyers out there to fit the nsr stroker.

    If you are a learner and this is one of your first rides it wont hurt you one bit to try different brands of tyers to help you get a feel for different compounds and brands avalible.

    And lastly . ...

    How much time are you going to spend at 190 and if your a learner I dont think you should be spending much time at that end of the clock.
  4. Howdy,

    No disrespect taken at all. It's a decent question considering the bike. I'm not a learner. Been riding since I could crawl on a bike. I love my 2 bangers and my RS250 recently got cleaned up and written off by a nitwit Saab driver. I bought the NSR because I'd always wanted to mess around with one and they are a good looking bike at a good price. So far I've found it to be a hell of a lot of fun.

    Sava sponsor bucket racing in Australia. They mainly cater for the lightweight racing end of the scale (250s, 125s etc). www.savatyres.com.au Made in Cezch Republic though I hear they have moulding factories in most countries.

    There are no 'decent' H rated tyres that will fit the NSR. Plenty of average tyres. I give the bike a hard time now and then and the tyres on it when I bought it have given me a scare a number of times. Today I just put a Brembo 4 pot on the front and Brembo master on. I definitely will need to change the tyres now.
  5. rigtho and good luck
  6. Thanks, I have the MT75 on front now. I'd say its old and hard but its not a good tyre. Had it slide on me a couple times.

    Well I rang Sava tyres in Oz and spoke to some guy there. Apart from him telling me off for attempting to fit a P speed rated tyre to an NSR 150 I did get something useful from him. Bridgstone BT039SS are what I need!

    They come in my size and are an S rated tyre. The perfect tyre for the NSR 150. Problem is I'm also finding it very hard to find them for sale. Would anyone know where I should be looking? I can get the front from Japan but so far I can't find them for sale anywhere else.
  7. Well all my dramas are sorted! I found bt39ss from tyres4bikes in Brisbane (Thank you to them). They sourced some for me. Just had them fitted but haven't tried them yet. They look super sticky.