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Saturday's Early Bird Greet, Meet & Ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by dualpurpose, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Meet time is 8am - 8.30am (before the heat and Traffic starts)

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  2. please edit the thread title down to lower case, at present it does not comply with the Terms and Conditions of useage of this forum....
  3. That would mean I'd have to leave home around 6:30AM to get there by 8 from Casula...

    I'll be schleeping :p
  4. /me wipes sleep out of eyes... 8AM!?! Are you INSANE!?!


    Northern Beaches ride does sound good though. Memph and i went for a ride up past Manly, through to Avalon and up to that little cafe joint at Palm Beach. That was a good ride... well, Memph sooked the whole way because it was 60 :p
  5. Why doesn't anyone ever do things like this in the shire!

  6. :LOL: you mean get up late? :LOL:

    Or you prefer super early rides? :(
  7. lol no no i love getting up late!

    Just early morning rides seem to be the norm :LOL:
    Never seem to see any shirelings planning anything. We're a lazy bunch :LOL:
  8. I'd love to join, I'm no L, but I live on the NB and am happy to tag along, help with people if needed, but this sat will be out for me (have to do some work on a stuff boat motor :nopity: .
  9. so close, yet so far...

    Hi Dualpurpose,

    Were you at Wednesday's Learner Session?

    So close:
    I would love to come for this cruise. I'm in Mosman and cruise up to North Head to soak up the view regularly, so the meeting point is ideal!

    Yes so far:
    BUT, Sat AM is a real battle as Fridays can be beer night after work and pulling up early ain't fun :?

    Sunday AM's are better!
  10. hoya,

    have been mostly cruising up and down the eastern beaches ( La perouse to Watsons bay each friday night) so i think it's time to venture your way. Coming from Coogee so not too sure of the meeting place but 8am shouldn't be a problem.

  11. Doh!! Just remembered... going to Goodvibes on that day so can't make it. Will join you guys the week after if it's happening. Happy Riding!!
  12. Too early and too short.
  13. So what's your plan dualpurpose/everyonelse, are people coming tomorrow?
  14. If it wasn't so early I would.
  15. Meet Date Starts on FEB 14th on wards

  16. I'm up for it, I've just moved here and picking up a new machine tomorrow, so definitely wanna do some kms and meet some riders, hardest part we'll be the alarm, see you Saturday ;)
  17. Where would you guys look at heading this weekend?

    And if you could put off leaving by say 30min to an hour i'd join. Takes me an hour just to get to the city... specially when stuck at 80!!!
  18. us L plater southies could do a similar thing, meetup at loftus oval, RNP, coast rd or old highway, Mt Keira and Maq pass then head back... I personally want to check out Mt Kembla Rd. Sign says its closed, but when i checked the gate was open at the north end...
    Wouldnt be too much effort to set up, much easier to get to, and i think, a much nicer run
  19. I would really like to do a early run through the RNP.

    Never been there and I'll only go through there when it stops raining!!! At least for the first time :)
  20. haha, RNP late at night in wet. safe :shock: :LOL: i got my fair share of those stories :p