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VIC [Saturday] Uncles EPIC after practise ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by uncle greg, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Well because some people get a little bit confused i have had to start this epic thread, for some time i have been leading rides from the saturday practice meet point from around 12.30.pm we travel down north rd to the 7/11 service station on the corner of studd and wellington rds roweville ariving around 1.00 pm to meet up with other riders . From there we go up through the hills for the afternoon. This is a learner friendly ride but any one is welcome although i take no responsibility for other peoples actions .

    first time riders need to pay for my fuel, lunch and wash my bike at the end of the ride, if more than one newbi comes they can share the cost, girls will be exsempt if they give uncle greg a nice cuddle.

    unfortunately i wont be able to go this week because i am riding sunday, so i supose this post was a complete waste of time

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  2. There's always next week :meh:
  3. LOL, your different
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  4. Mate, I'm still confused, today is the 22nd!

    So it's the post Saturday practice ride that takes place Friday?

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  5. You're such a monkey MV.
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  6. oh no! can somebody else lead this ride for tomorrow? its an awesome day tomorrow to be out riding!
  7. I can but not this week. :(
  8. I *could* lead but im not that fast as some of the other riders and dont know the roads as well...
  9. I 'could' too, but going for a blast,,, not really learner friendly! :angelic:
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  10. Dave been on a few of your rides where you went for a blast,but you still made it learner friendly.You always keep the group together,the first learner ride i went on was yours and felt more than welcome(y).
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  11. I'm scared of corners.. lol

    I was attempting to go to Mt dandy which is not too far from where I live. I chickened out. also due to the facts there were cars behind me. Rather ride in a learner friendly group.
  12. should rename this to [Saturday] as it seems this is a weekly event...
  13. Amila i live close to Mt Dandy,as i said before i must work til 12 on Sat.If you need a hand PM me a meet place,and time close to 1pm would be great.
  14. I can lead this week, see you all in the morning. :)

    We will leave practice at St Kilda Marina around 12.30 and meet up with a few others a 1.00 at 7/11 Cnr Stud & Wellington Rds, Rowville.
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    Amila, I'll assume you have never been on a group ride, so a word of advice, to take your time, and don't feel pressured to keep up with others. I can stick with you a bit as well, as I'm generally not up the pointy end.

    Learner rides generally seem to mean 'we don't exceed the speed limit by too much', not 'we will go 80% of the speed limit'.

    Just ride to your comfort level, no one will leave you behind. TECs job is to ensure we all get there (y)

    And above all, enjoy it :woot:

    @oz-riley@oz-riley , any idea of the approx duration, ie: when we'd get back? Tomorrow looks a rip snorter of a day to be riding.
  16. Thanks to all replied, I have Saturday practice to got to so I'm not sure when it finishes. i can go after that..
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    generally the rides finish about 5ish... you can peel off if you need to.

    The ride departs from saturday practice. so you will be fine :)
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    Thanks, I'm assuming the saturday practice in the other tread finishes before this? If so I can meet you maybe at Shell station along canterbury Rd?

    <edit> Ahh ok thats good then I can go after the practice. Awesome day to be on a bike with this kind of weather!!
  19. Thanks for the advice!
    Yes I never been to a group ride before. In fact I have only ridden approx 120 kms so far which isn't much at all. mostly trying to get the hang of the bike around residential streets and occasional main roads with medium traffic.

    It is just a bit daunting doing it myself so rather have some one to ride with to make it a bit more comfortable. :)
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