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Saturday too bloody wet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. So what idiot other than me was out and about in the storm on Saturday 25-02-06(yesterday) worst rain I have riden in since mooving down from darwin :p :p :p :p :p

  2. Welcome to Melbourne :)

    I wanted to go riding so I did but I kept an eye out for the storm clouds in the distance. Got home before it hit my area though.
  3. I was out with Mouth, Rat bag, Fixed and Minna when the storm hit.

    With in 10mins the road was a river at Mirboo nth.. Long way from home.
  4. Yup, 3 of us made it to Mirboo Nth shortly before it hit, and watched it pass and flood from the cover of a servo :) Road home after it abated, pausing and taking rest from the rain for a bit at Poowong, before heading onwards again to home

    What happened to you in Boolara Dave .. where did you get to, and how did you fare getting home?
  5. Was like riding through bloody needles. Fun though eh? How was your run Bikie?
  6. I was heading back in, passing through Cranbourne and it started on me... i thought it'd be quick... but I ended up in Mulgrave before I gave up on it and went to HQ :D
  7. Rode from stkilda to doncaster in pelting rain sat night with a tinted visor and i couldn't see shit, get home and i was drenched (My gloves are still wet after hanging up all day :( )
  8. I tested out my new front tyre ;)

    check out the "it made me wet" thread :)
  9. LOL :LOL:

    One thing I hate wif visors in the wet.. U cant see shit, so U gotta
    lift em up which means U get rain in ur helmet.

    Yesterday morning I rode into work 2 catch up on shit. wore shorts
    n Tshirt..

    Dam rain came of course so I was stuck @ work for hrs till it stopped.

  10. Stuck at work with a lady? :grin:
  11. Well Happy Grl and I were at highpoint and heard that the storm was coming and I thought we could beat it home... :oops:

    2 Minutes after leaving the rain hit. Ended up pulling into a servo and 2 minutes later the rain stops but we were soaked from head to toe. :(

    First time riding in the rain for both of us so that was definately an interesting experience.

    Next time I think we might wait it out. :)
  12. First time I rode in the rain, knew it was coming, put the wets on and took it real easy. 100km ride from Leura(NSW Blue Mountains) to Sydney City. About 2 hours in teeming rain. Freeway and heavy suburban traffic. I actually enjoyed the challenge and while I wouldn't do it out of choice, it was a good experience to see how the bike(read I) went on a very slick road.

    Found out what parts of my wet weather gear was better for the dry - gloves were useless and jacket left me a bit wet around the midriff. Boots and pants were great though.
  13. I was heading from Zagame in Richmond after photgraghing the Z Zegna girls with Paul Smart over to Williamstown and there was an amazing mass of dark clouds rolling in from the West.
    When we arrived in Willie it started to bucket down.
    As a result, we had to park and wait it out at a cafe out of the rain. It was too wet for the girls who were only wearing lycra jumpsuits.
    What a way to spend the afternoon...
  14. Who are these Z Zegna girls?

  15. Here you go: http://spaces.msn.com/gwlf/photos/?_c02_owner=1

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. I had the job of driving the course car at Calder Park all weekend at a car race event and when the heavens opened up at 3pm the front straight drag strip turned into an ice skating rink. I drove on it at 50km/h and had trouble keeping the XR-8 in a straight line at times (the rubber build up & a traction compound called VHT gives great grip in dry conditions but the exact opposite when wet) :shock:

    They shut the day down early and moved the last couple of races to Sunday morning so I went to Avalon Speedway where they didn't get any rain all day (the You Yangs deflected it away from the track) until we started the 4th heat race of the night and the heavens opened up so another early finish.

    At least Calder got through everything on Sunday without any weather problems.
  17. Sunbury to Greensborough in it. Nice work Mal.

    We could have taken the car, but where's the fun in that?
  18. I left home at 7 am (sat morn) in the car and rang Vic to ask him to post a thread to warn you All about the pouring rain up here (Narbethong to Eildon),me thinks he got home too late to warn you all,sorry guys n gals i should have done it before i left ,then at 2 pm the storms hit in dandenong and didnt let up at all until after i got home at 7 pm ...
  19. I went for a run on my own cos there was no rides happening on saturday.......went up through Kinglake over to Healsville through a really nice bit ive never done before. Dont know the name of it. Got to the Spur and after 8 runs up and down i was really getting it sussed. Came out at then bottom and noticed big black clouds.....time to make a dash for home. Went through Yarra Glen (xmas hills) BIG MISTAKE. got to the top and it started. Got to Kangaroo ground shop thing and I was Friking soaked. Leathers where tucked into boots and full with water, you could have put goldfish in there and they would have been fine. The water was running down my back into my pants and I was freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing. Couldnt see anything. Saw a tree getting hit by lightning then trying to get over a deep bit of water that was filled with stones. Waited till it slowed off a bit then headed home, the long way via warrandyte as I dont know any other way, map was soaked, phone is dead, ipod is dead and this is my second day off work cos Im sick.

    The spur was great though loved it and im getting better now.
    not been sick fo 4 years and im bored.
  20. Stookie
    it is a beautiful day up here Monday 27/2 at Thornton/Eildon
    Kit up and get out and go for another ride and blow away
    your sick feeling' :grin: