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Saturday the 24th Man Ride.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roarin, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. It's been too long since I've done one of my favourite loops of VIC. So I think Saturday is looking good to remedy that. As I said, it will be a man ride. About 900-1000kms depending on where you start from. Not saying exactly where we are going, but Bright will be one of the towns on the route. And maybe Omeo. Obviously, not for beginners. Post if you're interested.

  2. estimated time back near melbourne? got xmas stuff that night...
  3. Done any 1000km+ single day rides before bloke? That's a pretty difficult question to answer, as these sorts of rides can take on a life of their own in the blink of an eye, for a multitude of reasons during the course of a day. About all I can say, is that we should be back before dark:)
  4. i can imagine, and no, havent yet gone above 700ish but gotta start sometime, unfortunately that wont be tomorrow as my family stuff starts in the arvo.

    have a good ride!
  5. perhaps it might get a better response if was posted as the 24th of JAN, not MAN :LOL:
  6. No he means tomorrow. ](*,)The 24th of Jan is a Tuesday](*,) he put Saturday in the title so this is a MAN ride, or hardcore ride if you want to be politically correct
  7. ah, sorry, nothing to see here, move along please :oops:
  8. Roarin,
    A great day of riding..and awesome destinations.
    Was up that way a little while ago, and always keen to revisit those parts :D

    Long story short : Would love to, but can't (work).
    Have fun !
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  9. wow that looks spectacular. where was the last pic taken?
  10. That would be near the Jamieson end of the Eildon Jamieson road.
  11. Hey blokes , my husband done the Loop in 12 hours on his XJR1300 by himself in 2007
    he Is doing it again This Thursday on his 1500 boulevard cruiser instead of the XJR1300