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Saturday Ride - First attempt at video editing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by KANGA, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Hey guys so tried out my new action camera on the weekend. I pulled over a fair few times and changed camera angles.

    By the end of the day my bike was covered in green electrical tape that I was using to keep the safety lanyard from flapping about ... was a good look.

    I've been using the ram suction mount but it seems to pick up a fair bit of vibration and only amplifies it with the longer arm. I'll do some experimenting to see if I can come up with any solutions.

    Anyway it was my first attempt at any of this stuff so hopefully you enjoy.

  2. awesome (y)

    great quailty footage too
  3. Looks great imo.

    Not sure what camera it is but the quality is pretty awesome imo, I like it how you've gone the extra mile and had a go at different positions on the bike, I would do it but I've got like no spare mounts - plus I'm too lazy ;)

    Did the video have an 'effect' on it or something or was that the normal footage? It looked pretty awesome.
  4. All those corners,no apexes.
  5. Nice work .. Well put together looked like a great ride...

    Probably mount the one facing your back differently ? IMHO

    Ps: what camera setup you using ?
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    Cheers mate

    parkerparker and Mad Marty
    I used this camera
    Techmoan did a good review of it.
    I did play with the brightness, contrast and colors a bit. I managed to lock up the rear tire pretty good which I'll upload. I'll put the original unedited footage so you can see what it looks like. Got it at 50 FPS so should be fun to slow down and look at it lol
    I used the suction mount kit from camzilla, basically just the ram mount suction mount with some extras. I was trying camera angles on the fly, will work on some more.

    3rd ride actually outside of the CBD area, 2nd time doing the old pacific, 5th month of riding.
  7. Whats the native format of the cam and what are you using to edit the footage.

    Good first effort man.
  8. 3rd ride and your "trying camera angles on the fly " ----learn to ride first,forget the camera bullshit.You may just survive.
  9. @robsalvv
    It outputs mov files, not sure if you are looking for anything in depth i don't know jack about video formats. I used premiere to do the cutting and had a bit of a play with colors, brightness and contrast in After Effects.

    @Tool My changing camera angles on the fly involves me pulling over in a safe place, moving the mount, re attaching the safety landyard which is then electrical taped down securely so on the off chance then mount fails it wont swing around and then pressing record. I then move on my merry way and ride like nothings different. By on the fly I just mean I haven't tested any of the angles to see how they look.
  10. Nice :butt:
  11. good stuff Kanga. I LOL'd at the comment "briefs by Bonds".
  12. looks the goods.. i really wanna get a action camera but the wife thinks i will use it for something else.. lol
  13. You can't do zooms and close ups but you can use the wide angle to make things look bigger. ;)
  14. i wonder if the mounting brackets can be mounted to human skin ???
  15. :rofl: I think you just started a new genre in blue movies. LMAO.
  16. Just don't shave and the velcro mounts should work out fine ... I'd take them off slowly is all
  17. might be able to mount it to the gooch easy enough
  18. Excellent work,good choice of music,unlike Dave Stration I like the slight camera shack.
    It give it a faster feel,trendy technique.
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  19. Nice one. i confirmed today just how shit my cam really is. got 20 minutes of footage before the battery died :(
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    Another one, this was using a drift hd170 stealth on my helmet. Did the 5 ferries ride, very scenic but was absolute scorcher of a day. Waiting for and sitting on the ferries steaming in our gear wasn't the most enjoyable thing lol.
    What camera did you get Funk?