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Saturday morning practice in St Kilda

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kowai, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. You know who you are who went! :grin:

    Thanks for a great morning guys! Again I learnt -so- much in this practice! Lots of awesome cone swerving, cornering and emergency braking! When I left I could feel the huge increase in confidence I got! :grin:

    I can't believe I could actually do circles around that blue cone! It was AWESOME! Especially seeing any attempt before this to do such tight cornering has seen me drop my bike :shock: (Or at the least put my feet on the ground) Now I could just circle and circle and circle....
  2. Good to see your confidence increasing and it's great that some of the experienced guys/girls are willing to help newbies.
  3. It was fun :twisted:

    Loved the cones, they were awesome ( thanks ARC :roll: )

    Our trip home trip was daunting :shock:

    That wind was shocking on the Bridge ..
    slowed down to ummmmmmm
    45kms I think :oops: Yay for chicken wings :p

    And I NOW have heated grips ... wohooooooooooo

    ty Doug an Ziggy :grin: :grin:
  4. Get plenty of practice guys.

    Vanilla ride is a coming.......

    Glad to hear people. are getting something worthwhile from it.

  5. indeed, learning heaps as well, thx for the help. After the practice Andrew led a ride of 2 to marysville, in the dark, raining and freezing cold, definately the scariest ride ever. Could not see much at all, cliffs and oncoming cars made it worse. Glad we made it back ok, hope more can come next time.
  6. Our (hawk)lord and master has spoken fellow learners :grin: :p We've got 5 days till vanilla ride and I will be trying to ride every day this week.

    Unfortunate had to leave early for work, learnt heaps while I was there tho, thanks Doug!
  7. :D you are most welcome, I really learned a lot from them...check out http://www.youtube.com/user/ConeMonkey for some AWESOME cone practice.

    Best investment in riding to date, great practical advice and a fun group :D

    Hehehe, yeah, it was a bit terrifying...and I was leading: couldn't see much with all the water, fog/cloud, pitch darkness incoming cars and crazy slippery road, IMHO we did really well to get back in one piece...I know I rode like a grandmother but I don't care, the conditions warranted it :D It would have been a bit easier following me I reckon. BTW for anyone else reading this the way up was fine, getting back was another experience...I reckon the worst conditions I've driven anything in to date (25+ years).

  8. Seriously the Sat morning practice are the best thing I've done so far on the bike :grin: I'm really enjoying it!

    Last week I could barely balance on my bike just riding slowly in 1st..

    This Saturday at the end I was doing slow circles around a cone and -not- falling off! I was SO happy! :LOL:

    Ahhh babysteps :grin: