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Saturday Learner's Xmas BBQ

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kitt, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Repost from events page ...

    Ok ..

    Xmas is just around the corner ](*,)

    Sunday 11th December

    there will be a ride to a secret location for a Xmas BBQ ..

    Meet @ Westgate Sth Shell, Todd rd ( that's outbound heading OUT west of Melbourne )
    at 11am for an 11.30 am depart ..

    This is an invite to ALL those that have been involved in these sessions over the last 30 months ,

    All that is asked is for a small donation to contribute to Food and SoftDrinks ..
    with any $$ left over to be donated to Chris' Road to Gold ..

    For those who can't make it to the ride , PM me and I'll give you the detail as to the location ..
    BBQ should go for most of the day , so even if you do the Toy run , you could always come past .
    as the location isn't too far from Calder park where the Toy run is finishing at .

    Hope to see you there :D
  2. Hmm, to lazy to PM...is the location south or north of the Shell?

    Just dont wanna ride all the way from Crib point just to head back :p
  3. .....
  4. I reckon I'll drop in on my way back from the toy run. :)
  5. Yes

    Plus some more characters to make up 10.
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  6. Heh. I'll be there then :)
  7. Argh! Riding to Warrnambool this Friday, won't be back till late Sunday, damn :(
  8. Five?
  9. For any one needing a lead to the start I can meet you at Maca's Nunawading about 10am.
  10. FAAAAAAARRRRRRKKKK!!!! Would love to go but I have my GF's family xmas crap on! We're doing kris kringle, so I kinda have to be there :/
    Have fun anyway guys.

  11. I "might" be there Biggles, depends on the weather a bit, not looking good...
  12. Text me if you are and we can leave from PS if there is no one else.
  13. What is the location of the BBQ? for those who may not be able to make it to the meet point on the Sun.
  14. Unfortuantely, I'm out tomorrow due to my daughters 21st bbq that we've just had to move from tonight to Sunday arvo due to family issues...:tantrum:

    Geez this weekend's been an off again on again nightmare for me...](*,)
    Two Xmas parties and my daughters 21st on the same weekend.....

    And to think I thought I could fit in the Toy Run as well..
  15. It's a secret ](*,)

    have Pm'd you details
  16. The last 12 hours have seen some changes in my personal life. I may not be coming along tomorrow now ... Hope everyone has a great day.

    For those wanting to know the bridge has already started to be built and I've got enough to currently walk on :p
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  17. confused

    sounds positive though
  18. Ill probably be there guys.
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  19. :(

    Have a great day with your daughter Joe ... they only turn 21 once :p

    And Marty , try and get to the BBQ if you can .. even just for a little while ..

    Anyways , I'm pretty sure we are all organised for tomorrow ,
    hope the weather behaves and no doubt we will have an awesome day ..

    Hope Rusti brings his camera :p

    See you in the AM :D
  20. Hey Kitt can you shoot me a PM with the secret location pls?

    Planning on doing the toy run and hoping to pop by afterwards (weather permitting)

    Oh, and I say what looked to be an MV with a young feller on the back followed closely by a gixxer heading along marking Pde today as I was in the cage....anyone we know?