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Saturday cruiser ride only 14 nov

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by clarkie, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Meet point will be Bacchus Marsh McDonalds on main drag cant miss it. Meet 830am leave 9am. Then up to Greendale,Blackwood for a coffee break. then off to trentham,Dalesford chocy mill for coffee,then off to kyeton, Was thinking Wood end bakery for lunch,or can leave it open if feel like a pub meal,After lunch go up to mt Macedon to the cross lookout then down to Gisbon and back to Bacchus Marsh to end ride or could say or goodbyes at gisbon if you live on other side of town. hope to see you there.

  2. see you at mcdonalds BM
  3. I'm up for this ride, but can you make it a 9:15 start - just in case?

  4. no worries mate we will wait for you.Also check your private messages and i will leave you my mobile just in case you are running late or change your mind,but i hope you dont looking forward to catching up.
  5. A great day.

    A great ride.

    And great company.

    Cheers Clarkie - look forward to the next time.

  6. Thanks for comin mate got a few good pics of bikes up at the cross,I will email them to you over weekend. Also thanks for helping stop me from belting park ranger lol. Was talking to rest of the boys that came and when they were riding out he tryed stopping them too. But they just rode out and waited for us up top of the hill. lol whimps
  7. Wish I could have made this - looking for some cruiser rides once I get my bike back in a week or so.
  8. Just curious, why did the ranger want to stop you? Anything I need to know about if I ride up there?

  9. nothing really just dont ride your bike up to the cross for a few photos.
  10. Ah OK cheers