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[Saturday] Coffee Night, Rouse Hill

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, May 5, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Sue Smith

    Due to the success of our meet today, Lou and I have decided that we will continue to meet for coffee (or whatever!)at the Mean Fiddler each Saturday afternoon at 3pm and hope that others will join us! So the details are:

    The Mean Fiddler
    The Wools...

    ... more

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  2. sounds good, i'll try and be there . . .
  3. hmm if i make it up on the saturday before the southern run any body wanna be my escort :LOL:
  4. hey qbnspeedfreak,
    sent you a pm.

    Hope to see a few more people this week.
    So see you all there.
    Cheers Lou
  5. +1
  6. hmm, depending on what time I get back from russ's pickin up his zx636 ride i'll be there, n i'll try and talk russ into coming along to show his new bike off :grin:
  7. is it still on ?
  8. is this still a happening thaaaaanggg ???
  9. yep.. but i wont be there this week.. got a family reunion on... but yeah, anyone else who wants to turn up..
  10. Of course it is still on :grin: .
    It was nice meeting you karl, and thanks to fj1100 and for coming out. And it was good catching up again micky. Plus we got to see suzyq new baby, :biker: very nice suzyq. And thanks to karl, I got to sit on my next upgrade :LOL: .
    I'll try and make it out this weekend, anyone else turning up?
    Cheers Lou
  11. Thanks lou, and mickyb for stroking the ego when you admired the new bike. No way i can make it this weekend, my 6YO does not go on the bike yet.
  12. Bollocks!

    Not far from me, but Saturday's shootin' day!
  13. i'll try and make as i will be in the area looking at houses.
  14. I'll be there just after 4pm if anyone wishes to come too :grin: .
    cheers Lou
  15. thanks to the guys that showed up. Didn't feel loved there for a while :( :LOL:.
    Cheers Lou
  16. Sorry I couldn't make it today.. should be there next week though. I believe some people went on a ride afterwards too today! :)
  17. I turned up about 3:45 but didn't see anyone. Not that I knew who I was looking for but anyone with a helmet was a good chance I reckoned.
    Is there a particular spot where ya meet ???

    Met another couple not NR's & spent the afternoon chatting to them.

    Was still a good arvo but would've liked to meet a few of you lot.
  18. Hi there Kim Rodger,

    Sorry about that, I got there just after 4pm, but I was in the cage this week. :( .

    All the other guys went for a night ride after, So i was not happy :roll:
    We usually meet on the verandah that faces the main entry that over looks the carpark.

    So what is your ride?

    well hopefully next time we can all meet up. lol
    Cheers Lou
  19. Gday Lou,

    At least next time I'll know where I'm going...Appreciate it.

    My rides a 91 GSX250 Across (cherry red - goes faster), well so they say. Was garaged for 7 years before I bought her in Feb07.
    She doesn't go to bad, not that I'm an expert on these things but treat her with the love & respect she deserves.

    Will see how I go for this weekend (the damn flu bug bit me).

    Hope to meet soon

  20. we'll theres the problem, dont respect it revs its guts out :LOL: