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[Saturday] Breakfast @ Dr Jekylls before practice

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Greydog, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. #1 Greydog, Feb 12, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
    It has been suggested that the DJs brekky before Saturday practice be given its own thread, so here it is.

    Some of us call in to Dr Jekylls (107 Grey St St.Kilda) for brekky and/or coffee before Saturday practice at Elwood BP. There's usually signs of life some time after 8.30-9am, and we depart just before 10am for a 5 minute ride heading down Barkly St, then right into Dickens St, which brings us exactly to the Elwood BP.

    The coffee is really good, and Rusti highly recommends their "plate of awesome" (there's also a "muesli of awesome" for those on a health kick). You'll have to ask Rusti for an interpretation!

    Head out the back to the brekky garden. Anyone arriving first should try to hog the first long table before the lycra clad grab it! Helmets etc are usually placed on the bench thingy to the left of the back door (down the steps).

    If anyone wants an escort in, there are a few regulars that can probably assist.

    Location map here.

    ETA: Be aware that if practice is called off, no one normally comes to brekkie either. However, if anyone wants to go anyway, feel free.

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  2. What's saturday practice?
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  3. (y)nice one mick
  4. The one after Friday's :smileysex:
  5. Damn, the boss beat me to it.....
  6. For those that want escorts, dont forget the AMEX Platinum lol
  7. Scene:
    Goddie's kitchen, Amex statement on the table. . .

    Mrs Goddie- So you're saying that this $500 Restaurant entry in St Kilda is when you shouted the Netriders breakfast????
  8. Err yes, your honor, eggs were 'scrambled' not shaken lol
  9. note the term *Restaurant entry*
  10. What's this about free Breakfast? Goddie? Your shout this weekend?
  11. OK everyone, it's Friday so back on track.

    Anyone who wants to tag along and needs an escort can post here. It would probably be best if anyone prepared to do the escorting make contact by PM rather than clogging up the thread, but hey, who am I kidding - this thread has already seen plenty of clog and it isn't even a page long yet (thanks Mick, we can always count on you LOL).

    I'll be at brekky, and I'll call in quickly to practice to say hello, but I need to be in Notting Hill by 11.15 ish so won't be staying long.
  12. I cant make it in the morning so no escort from Essendon DFO unless Aly is willing to do it. Will post up on other thread as well.
  13. I can be at DFO if needed, but who are we kidding? I dont know the way.

    I can keep cars off someone's tail, if they know the way.
  14. If Acidtrip or Wulfgar turn up they can lead, am surprised tho Aly you have been down the same road many times lol, goes to show, you're thinkin about the dog grooming appts booked, outstanding payments, oiling the chain [cough bullshit] lol
  15. No Goddie, she's looking at your a*%e right in front of her LOL.
  16. oh how the serpent keeps offering me the apple
  17. Oh mandy lol poor Aly probably spat out her lunch lol.
    And as my missus says, 'I havent got an arse, its just a crack in my back' lol
  18. I have the kids tomorrow so I am a no show this weekend. I have lots of activities planned for us to do so I can earn some brownie points for the weekend after :D
  19. It's only an apple. What harm could taking one little bite do.....
  20. Geez, don't encourage him! It was YOU GreyBM that was complaining about the shite in the Saturday Practice thread.

    You're as evil as he is!