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[Saturday] All day ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by arc, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. #1 arc, Sep 7, 2009
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2014
    PURPOSE: full day out of town ride.

    WHEN: every Saturday, numbers and weather amenable.

    TIME/MEET POINT: see the most recent posts in this thread for the designated departure time and location for the day in question. Often departing between 8 am & 10 am and aiming to be back in the Melbourne city area between 6 and 7 pm.

    RIDES: expect a class three moderate skills, four competent rider or five advanced rider ride, class definitions are here. See the latest post for the ride level for individual rides.

    WHO: anyone can come along. Be on time at the meet point with a full tank of fuel, an empty bladder and an adventurous spirit.

    ORGANISERS: it's up to you, the participants of this thread, to organise specific rides.

    HOW-TO/ETIQUETTE: we use the standard NetRider corner marking system. If you don't know this, tell one of us during the rider briefing (better still find out). Above all else always ride your own ride, recognise that it's not a race and be safe and considerate of other road users including your ride buddies.

    Legal disclaimer: these are not organised rides, you attend at your own risk.
    2014-04-17 updated ride classification link, removed dead links to group riding

    See you Saturday!
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  2. Arc, You are the man :grin: Good on you for organising this thread.

    Where are we going next weekend :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  3. Will be scoping the Avoca trip this weekend (remember I'm away?) but I have put together this Google Map for a Jamieson trip... it is 8.5 hours & ~500 kms return and certainly look like a definite overnighter. As we'll need to book rooms, get confirmed numbers etc, how does Saturday 26th September feel for folks? That would give us plenty of time to organise it properly.

  4. that's grandfinal weekend :roll: :?: im fine with it ..
    but doubt other footy mad people would be ...
    unless of course we are parked and watching the game !!!

    and really this weekend would probably be ok ...
    might email a few places and see availabilty and prices ...
  5. Damn, wasn't in my phone calendar...wonder how many folks would like to ride that weekend...?


    edit: can't spell
  6. Arc, thinking about Grand Final day, I believe the numbers would be low, and that didn't take too much thought. :LOL:

    Cheers Bruce
  7. OK, let's talk it through tomorrow night. Kitt is keen to book this weekend, I can't make it but nothing to stop us doing it again another time...will be a long ride there, suggest 8-9am start.

  8. LOL .. I'm juz keen to get out on a ride !!!!

    AND this weekend just looks awesome atm ...
    so really anywhere is fine with me ...
    and I'll ride grand final day too :p so ner :!:

    oh and fine just leave me out of the talk tomorrow :evil: damn it :!:

    I'm only an sms away tomorrow night :wink: kids :roll:
  9. Well that means I'm out, was going to throw in working Sat so I could do these rides, but I'm not up to that level yet. What started out as a ride for learners after car park practice....isn't any more. Oh well.....have fun :(
  10. Don't let that put you off Cas, the TEC ensures no-one gets left behind, and anyway, there'll be other "slower" riders on the ride. You shouldn't feel left out, or that you're holding up the group, put on a brave face, join in and gain some confidence too. At least the weather's on our side this weekend!!
  11. you realise there's ALOT of dirt on your route map?
    for starters, most of donna buang road that you plan on using, then on the reefton loop, from cambarville junction i'm guessing 80% of the road to jamieson is dirt.

    on another note, ever been to Walhalla? :twisted:
    i'll be riding there this saturday coming, but we'll need to leave earlier than 10am.
  12. :) there was much ribbing of how slow Arc is on these rides. Ride your own ride is the key here. I've put these down as class 3-4 because of the roads which we've been riding on during these Saturday trips , the distance and the kms between stops. If you feel confident at posted speeds you'll be fine, if not come along when you feel OK. Some of the trips planned will be sightseeing, up to the participants here.

  13. Damn, looked OK according to my maps...just as well you're here. :grin: I see our first ride leader putting their hand up for this weekend. Onya R.

  14. OI ... ur coming with us .. no if's or buts about it :!:

    puts her bossyboots on an drags Cas along :grin:
  15. Walhalla sounds good Nibor, where's the start point and meeting time???
  16. Ned Thanks for that, yeah, thats why I want to come along, the only way to get experience is to RIDE, I think it will improve my riding heaps by getting out there out of the city traffic & having some fun. Weather is looking brilliant for this weekend!!

    Kitt LMAO.....yes boss!!!! I am keen to do the ride. Am covered for work, the guy I work with is happy to take over my measly 2 1/2hrs that I do in the middle of the dammm day, not worth keeping those hrs when there is riding on :LOL:

  17. :grin: :applause: :p
  18. WooHoo way to go Caz......

    An all day Sat is out for me most weeks so as a side note
    car-park practice will be going ahead at 10am as usual.

    We'll play it by ear and maybe have a short ride afterwards if people are up for it.

    All of this will be kept very learner friendly so....

    "come on down".

  19. Sounds good, so Ls stuff will still happen, but same start time for all day ride. Perfect, as Sat is the best ride day for me, so I'll drop by a fair bit.

    Dunno about the multi-day ones for me, but I highly recommend the Walhalla ride that was mentioned - bloody brilliant weekend. Chuck a tent and swag, ride up, have beer and a great feed at the little pub then ride back the next day. The locals are great (all 26 of them :LOL:). It just doesn't get much better. Actually...maybe I've just talked myself into going if you do a Walhalla ride :LOL:
  20. This sounds great.

    I will just have to find a Saturday I’m not working.