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VIC Saturday 3rd November - Fun Day Race School

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Saturday 3rd November - Fun Day Race School

    Contact: Susan Edwards 03 9372 3388
    or Mobile 0408 488 353
    email secretary@prestonmcc.com.au

    It's on again, one of the best events for anyone wanting to improve skills or get a taste of some tips in preparation for racing.

    When: Saturday 3rd November 2012
    Where: State Motorcycle Complex, Strath Creek Road Broadford.

    The following groups are to be confirmed.

    There will be 4 different groups:
    First Timer/Novice Race School
    Intermediate Race School
    Advanced Race School
    Junior Race School

    If you're a PMCC member and hold a current race license: Entry Fee - $140

    If you're not a member:
    One Day Rec Lic + PMCC Membership -
    Entry Fee - $200 (this includes 12 months membership with PMCC)

    Or if you're already a member
    One Day Rec Lic - $160

    Lunch is also included on the day.

    Full leathers and gear are a must. Either a one piece or two piece that zip together and a back protector. Bikes also need to be in check and will be scrutineered on the morning.

    For further information or to book,
    Contact: Susan Edwards 03 9372 3388
    or Mobile 0408 488 353
    email secretary@prestonmcc.com.au
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  2. Looking like being a great day. We've got about 15 racers, so far, donating their time to assist on the day. I'll be running the classroom sessions for the Novice & Intermediate groups, I may have top Aussie Superbike racer Wayne Maxwell signed-up to run the advanced classroom.

    It won't matter whether you're young or old, male or female, road rider or racer, you will come away with riding tips that will make you faster, safer & more stylish.
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  3. i might come with my superduke, advanced race group.
  4. Sorry couldn't get Wayne for the Advanced class, will advise who we get soon :)
  5. OK guy's, we have 24 instructors lined up for the day, heading-up the advanced class will European 600 Supersport Champion Jed Metcher & A grade Supersport gun Darren Sciberras.

    The Ducati Owners Club are attending on the day, also there'll be a Junior class. This will be a fantastic day, even if you aren't riding on the track, come up for some free riding tips.

    The canteen will be open on the day with good coffee from early in the morning.

    The weather will be perfect !!!! :)
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  6. Holy crap that's a lot of instructors! Good to hear race schools are picking up :D. Shame I can't make it...I have a free ride too :(. Booked in for some zombie killing this weekend unfortunately. So have fun, it's going to be a nice day for it according to weather reports!
  7. I'll be there again :D
  8. Since I still don't have a bike :(, I'd like to come along with the camera, live vicariously through you lot, and take some photos again.

    What time do things kick off? I'd love to be there for the riding tips, and to say hi etc
  9. Usually about 9 is first bikes out on track!
  10. $200 with instruction ???
  11. Wow. What a great day. Stunning weather, great people, awesome coaches & instructors, and just all round fun. I've really got to get out there on a bike at some point.

    I'm sorry I had to leave in such a hurry (without saying goodbye even) - I'd promised to be home at 4, and I didn't realise that the time had gotten away on me quite so much.

    Thanks so much Johnny O for all the stories and info, and for the effort that you put into the classroom component of today. You clearly know your stuff, and from what I could see, you're really good at communicating knowledge to the students in a way that is interesting and informative.

    I ended up getting a few pictures from today. Hopefully I got most of the people that were there covered.. I've attached a few teasers below. I believe [mention]gregb[/mention] ended up getting quite a few too, so if you want any keepers I'd suggest getting in touch with him and seeing what he's got..

    Failing that, send me a PM and I'll see if I can help out..

    I should also say, if anyone has any problems with these pictures being up here, let me know and I'll pull them down..







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  12. Great pics mate :)

    I sent the pic of the two guys 'fisting' :p to them, they both say thanks, loving it!
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  13. thank you for the sharp cool picture !!! (y)
  14. great pics gundy and thanks for the mention my pics will be up at gregandangiephotography.com in the next couple of days
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  15. Thanks Gundy, awesome pics also, I look forward to seeing you at the track again, whether you're riding or taking pics, if I can ever help you I'd be happy to.

    Regards, John
  16. #16 Nightowl, Nov 4, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
    Awesome day!
    Huge thanks to you Johnny for your great class-room sessions , Susan & all at Preston's for such a brilliantly organized day.
    Also big thanks to the instructors out on track for their help, and a special shout out to instructor Bron (thank you! :) )

    Six on-track sessions (with instructors), five class-room sessions (with J.O.) plus a special suspension class and a sports psychologist session.

    Awesome simply doesn't do the event justice, loved it.
    Learned heaps, saw significant improvement and had an absolute ball.
    Thank you!!!

    Great pics Gundy, looking forward to seeing some more.

    Here's a small teaser from 1st Novice session.

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  17. Great pics Gundy (y)

    I only got a few pics in the pits ... love this one IMG_16221.
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  18. ^^^ hahahahah ... I take it that's when the 2 stroke 150 went past.
  19. upload to website finished around 2 last night

    Attached Files:

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  20. I actually think he's thinking how can he steal the MV ...