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Saturday 3rd November - Fun Day Race School Broadford

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by jap, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. :applause:

    Saturday 3rd November - Fun Day Race School


    It's on again, one of the best events for anyone wanting to improve skills or get a taste of some tips in preparation for racing.

    When: Saturday 3rd November 2012
    Where: State Motorcycle Complex, Strath Creek Road Broadford.

    The following groups are to be confirmed.

    There will be 4 different groups:
    First Timer/Novice Race School
    Intermediate Race School
    Advanced Race School
    Junior Race School

    If you're a PMCC member and hold a current race license: Entry Fee - $140

    If you're not a member:
    One Day Rec Lic + PMCC Membership -
    Entry Fee - $200 (this includes 12 months membership with PMCC)

    Or if you're already a member
    One Day Rec Lic - $160

    Lunch is also included on the day.

    Full leathers and gear are a must. Either a one piece or two piece that zip together and a back protector. Bikes also need to be in check and will be scrutineered on the morning.

    For further information or to book,
    Contact: Susan Edwards 03 9372 3388
    or Mobile 0408 488 353
    email secretary@prestonmcc.com.au
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  2. That's the Mrs' birthday weekend... I guess it means that I'm a non-starter yet again... :cry:
  3. I haven't been there before and curious to know more.

    Is there a place to read about it?

    What the event is all about (is it a race day with tuition)?
    What the schedule looks like?
    How much time on the track/class? Etc.

  4. It's basically a ride day, but with a shit load of ex-racers, current racers, instructors and all round good guys (and gals!) who do tuition in each session.

    I've been once, and i think it was rotating 20 minute sessions between 3 groups (slow, med, fast)

    Johnny and a few of the others also do various classroom sessions .(optional) but well worth a look in! Last time there was a suspension and fitness class in addition to the riding ones.

    Just get a long to it. It's relatively cheap, and so far in my riding career, it's the most i've learnt in one day!
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  5. http://prestonmcc.com.au/index.php?topic=1299.0
  6. Wow. That sounds like a lot of fun indeed.
    Thanks a lot for the explanation.

    Well, that topic is just a cross post of this one and has much less information than the curent by now :)
  7. Is it possible to hire it or it's only BYO? :)

    Is it possible to book online?
  8. To book you can email/ring Susan Edwards and pay by credit card. Usually no hire eqipment is available on these days - If you need equipment buy it, because once you have done one you will be hooked. (y)
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  9. Byo everything. Don't have to have a back protector I think, just highly recomended. As jap said, just buy it ;)
  10. This sounds great.

    Would you need significant road experience for the beginner course?
  11. I think as long as you are confident with the basics you'll be ok... you only go as fast as you want!
  12. I'd love to buy it, it's out of the budget for the near future :(

    So I won't be able to attend unless I hire the leathers+boots :cry:
  13. What's your jacket size? I have a Euro size 52 one-piece leather suit that you could borrow (the one I'm wearing in my avatar - yes, I have different gear for track days v's general riding).

    The suit doesn't have any hidden stitching, so it's likely to be a one-use item in the event of a decent slide (unlikely for a noob at Broadford). It only cost me $80, so I'm not fussed if you scuff it up a bit... If you manage to get a knee down (which I very much doubt for your first track day), you'll make me look like a legend on my next track day! The catch is that the suit looks so gay that no self-respecting gay man would wear it... ;)

    As for boots, helmet and gloves... They're a bit more personal, so I'll let you find your own.

    Send me a PM with your phone number or email address if you're interested, and I'll tee up a time for you to come over and try it on. (y)

    Alternatively, you could try looking on ebay or gumtree. There are some nice entry-level leathers out there, going for a really attractive price!
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  14. Thanks a lot mate for the offer.
    But unfortunately I will have to pass this time.

    Went down with a broken collarbone this Sun at Broadford. So no go for me :cry:
  15. Ouch! Sorry to hear about that. I hope it gets better soon.
  16. We saw your bike on Sunday :(
    Sorry to hear what happened and hope you recover quickly :)
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  17. Thanks. Hope to be back on a bike in a few months. Already know how to deal with the broken clavicle :)

    BTW, did the bike look ridable? I didn't feel it was badly damaged, but had no time to check it properly..
  18. Wow man sorry to here about your stack :( don't worry about the bike your more important than that :) heal first then worry about the bike :)
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  19. What? Heal first, fix the bike second? I don't understand!!! :demon: