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Saturday 3/12 Kinglake Healesville etc.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by murchy, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Meet: Netrider Training Session (54A Marine Pde Elwood)
    Time: 10am meet, 11am depart

    Route: http://g.co/maps/ec737

    -Brief stop in Kinglake
    -Lunch in Healesville (also fuel)
    -Bottom of Reefton
    -Hungry Jacks (end point)

  2. fun roads,
    would be a good ride
  3. When you say "netrider training session" do you mean this will be a slower ride?
  4. Those roads are definately not suitable for learners... I'd suggest letting everyone know this before heading off, just in case learners decide to come (nobody wants them to be scared off by roads like these before they're ready to tackle them)...

    I'm going to have to check with the Mrs to see if there's anything to hold me back from going, now that the main reason for not going has fallen through... :D
  5. interesting, i was thinking of doing something similar the same day, although i want to run through donna buang road as i have heard its great.Might see you guys (although i will probably leave early)
    Do you know if the C511/C513 road link between reefton and the end of the black spur is sealed?
  6. C511 from Warby (remember to turn left after Reefton) up to the T-intersection at Camberville is all sealed. Turning left it becomes C513 to Marysville once again all sealed.

    Not knowing that this road is sealed suggests you're a fresh noob so take care along there.
    This road is one of those that commands respect at any riding level.
    A lot of twisties requiring a lot of concentrating which in itself becomes tireing itself...
    Recommend you have a break at the Left turn after Reefton and at the T-intersection at Camberville..
    Watch out for tree litter and of course other traffic over center lines on corners..
    Seems to be happening more and more of late..

    Oh the turn off up to Lake Mountain is well worth adding if you have the time.. :D
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  7. nope... not as fast as the pros but defs not slow...
    btw a lot of more experienced riders rock up to the learner session just to chill there with everybody
  8. I got a new pirelli rosso corsa yesterday so I might tag along to get it scrubbed up.
  9. this ride will be at every rider's own pace.
    there is no set speed, all are welcome, although i will tell leaners there that the road will be technical and recommend they not come if they haven't been through much twisty stuff before.

    i'll be stopping based on how i feel and what the group looks like - if we are continually becoming spread out, i'll do a few more stops along the way to let people relax.
  10. Thanks Joedelosa,
    Although i am by no means an expert i know what the spur is like and i will be taking it cautiously. Have done turra bulga national park, and although the scenery was stunning the roads were shocking, with LOADS of tree litter everywhere (litterally losing traction around almost every corner) and roads with cracks and holes, but the scenery was spectacular. felt like i was in the movie avatar. Cant possibly be worse than those roads haha.

    Ride safe all and hopefully i see you guys around
  11. c513 between cambarville and marysville is good road except its all been burnt out real bad there so theres lots of branches on the road. the worst part is c511 between the cambarville and upper yarra dam turnoffs. the road narrows and is covered in crap. i think its signed as a hazard zone or something now too
  12. BigDan
    I agree that part of the road can be covered in a lot of crap but at the same time, with good weather it can also clear in a couple of days...
    I've had just as many clear awesome runs thru there as bad ones...
    Always good to be aware of any windy/stormy days we may have had prior to when you're riding through there.
    The narrowest part is about 2-3k soon after the T-intersection at Camberville heading towards Marysville.
    It widens up a fair bit once you get the to Lake Mountain turn off....
    That's why it always requires you total concentration and I recommend at least two stops for newer riders...

    Hope that helps describe it a little better for any first timers reading this...
  13. This was the ride i had my lowside on today. Don't worry im ok & the bike will live. The corners i was handling fine, it was the gravel on the road at one of the turns that caught me out. i tried to slow down to hard for the gravel on the road when i was to far in the turn & ended up straightening up mid turn & lowsiding into the bushes.
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  14. Glad you're ok mate. Just put it in the memory banks and try to make it a learning experience. Apart from your low side it was a good ride today. Hope to do it again soon.
  15. Yeah the crash hasn't put me off riding. as soon as the girl's up & running again ill be back. Now Excuse me while i grab another heatpack for my ribs hahaha
  16. Glad your ok Shadow and that you could at least ride the bike home. Good to hear it hasn't put you off biking. Its all a learning experience!

    But all in all was a very fun day good as roads, spewing I had to leave at healsville had a BBQ at the Mrs parents so couldn't bail on that lol
  17. Sorry to hear that Shadow,,,was it just out of Toolangi on that nice smooth section? Gravel mid corner.
  18. Glad to hear you are OK Shadow.

    Must admit although I sometimes punt moderately hard on corners, when it comes to turning from one road to another I normally slow right down. Often a good spot for gravel.
  19. not sure of the exact location but it was in the twisties heading towards healsville. there was a gravel area to the left of the corner for cars to pull over. Some cars must of used it recently because there was gravel on the road from it.
  20. Spot on. Kinglake-Healsville Rd, before Chum Creek.