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Saturday 21st January ,Parma Lunch in Meredith

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. B will be legal again on Saturday ... Hungry for a ride & Parma lunch ..

    Coincidently a couple of fellow riders will be running the Meredith Pub this coming weekend

    blurb here

    Hi all, Russ and I are running the Meredith Pub (again) next weekend. 21/22nd Jan.
    sun should be shining so we want to see as many riders pop in for a meet and drink!
    Ps: The Parmies are pretty good :)

    We had a great turnout the last time, with some riders riding through Anakie, Steiglitz and Brisbane Ranges.
    Saturday, 21 January 2012 at 11:00 until Sunday, 22 January 2012 at 17:30
    51 Staughton St, Meredith...

    We will be leaving from the Saturday Learners session at 11 am ..
    BP Elwood if anyone wants to tag along ..
    Usual rules apply :)


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  2. Ill come along
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  3. oh man this sounds awesome but i have stuff already on this sat. have fun guys.
  4. Pretty sure I'll be in.
  5. Just when then's one in my neck of the woods, I have the whole day booked out, bugger.

    Was there last Sunday, just did a quiet lap making sure I put my saddlebags on nice and secure.

    If you're heading off to Steiglitz via Staughton Street, the bad patch of road a few hundred metres down the road (near where there is a tiny bridge with no water) seems to have gotten worse since I was there before Xmas. Any learners may like to be in the right wheel well to avoid the gravel, it's spreads from edge of road half way across.
  6. u going the seafood parma again?
  7. Possibly... just working out if I can come or not. Seafood parma is good though ;)
  8. Blasphemy!
  9. Hmm If I can get a repair done in time....
  10. Not that battery AGAIN GreyBM?

    ETA: You have two bikes and you can't sc**** one of them together to come on a ride??? For shame!

  11. Geez, can't even type s-c-r-a-p-e in this forum??
  12. I sustained some damage from a stationary drop last week. Am trying to do a cheap fix as an expensive fix will be bloody expensive and a semi expensive fix will take a week or so for parts to arrive form UK.

    However this may all be a secondary issue as I just superglued my finger to the bit I was repairing.
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  13. And I am not even sure you can hold a crankshaft together with superglue.
  14. According to my late other half, everything and anything can be fixed with superglue, liquid nails or silicon sealant.

    However, his many failures may shed doubt on the validity of his opinion...
  15. I might tag along if thats ok :)
  16. I do want to as well..... :(

    Let's see if I can make it.
  17. Awesome day of Awesomeness

    Thanks Bruce and Sharlene!
  18. Id say im in...... but i only just read it.
  19. You are most welcome Aly !!!

    Was a fun day today .. the lunch at the Meredith Hotel was great ..
    Thanks to our hosts Rose & Russ ..

    Everyone behaved =D>

    Thanks to all the corner markers who did a fantastic job :)

    Thanks to B for leading :D

    Kudos to both Jo and Cazz who haven't done many group rides ,
    and rode so well :) ..

    p.s I followed corner markers and checked speedo's ...
    everyone was just fine :)
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