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VIC [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice

Discussion in 'VIC' started by hawklord, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. The Saturday morning practice sessions are geared towards helping learners/new riders develop skills and confidence in a relaxed, safe and traffic free environment with exercises that include:

    * slow speed manouvering
    * cone weave & counter-steering
    * braking
    * basic cornering theory/practice

    These sessions are run by experienced riders - not instructors - who are willing to share their knowledge and experience in helping you develop the necessary skills to keep you safe and alive and are offered free of charge.

    There is a strong emphasis on one-on-one advice and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions about all those things that might be worrying you.

    WHEN: every Saturday ... rain or shine! (unless notified before 8am in this thread)

    TIME/MEET POINT: 10:00 am, meet at the BP Petrol station, 54A Marine Parade, Elwood: (street view here).

    WHO: Aimed at learner/new riders but anyone who wants to brush up on the basics is welcome.

    There might be a short ride after the practice session depending on how folks are feeling.

    If a ride follows the practice session, it will be pitched at learner level and it is expected all riders will stay within the road rules, will stay within the group, that there will be no speeding, no stunts. Keep it simple and safe.

    If you want to come but don't feel confident about getting there on your own, please post in the thread and we'll try to find someone who lives nearby to ride there with you. Don't forget to post your suburb.

    BREAKING NEWS: There is now a breakfast meet at DJ's in St Kilda before the practice session for those who are up early enough.

    See here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=129678#.TziSyrSfZ0Q

    Questions and comments are always welcome, either
    posted in the thread or by PM.

    See you Saturday!
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  2. Re: [VIC] Saturday Learner/New Rider Sessions

    Nice work. See you on a practice session in the near future.
  3. Starring UNCLE DUG. With cameo appearance by GAFFER DAVE GREY and the BEAMER, and introducing the SECRET LOCATION.

    Seriously folks, no matter how good you think your riding skills are, you'll always get a couple of valuable tips on a Saturday morning. Get down there!
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  4. Hey, we're sticky. some of my best memories are......oops off topic.

    BOM is making me think that tomorrow (4/9/10) will be a no-go.

    I'll make a decision first thing in the morning, check the thread if you plan on coming down.

    PS. thanks Rob.
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  5. BOM says rain to midday and 55km winds and then the chance of thunderstorms.

    NOT today folks, stay safe.
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  6. Murphy's Law. Brand new updated thread and we cancel. Now stand back and watch the sun shine :LOL:
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  7. Though too early to comment GreyBM, still no sunshine here in Templestowe :( Being Melbourne though, we may possibly experience a 'heat-wave' before the day is over.
    Shame you guys had to cancel today - bring on the warmer weather (can't be too far away now !)
  8. As I've said in a different thread...
    Can't wait for the first 20-25 degree, sunny and windless day......
    And I'll be taking a day off if it's a work day......:-w
  9. That day will be bliss, joedelosa, with the best part that days like that will continue into summer...can't wait myself ! Though the weather hasn't stopped me from enjoying being on 2 wheels : During the past 3mths, I've stacked up around 7000km. Happy days to come :)
  10. Good work Doug. Weather was shocking yesterday.
  11. OoOoOoO u have been stickied Doug ..

    Well done , you guys do an amazing job , and if it hasn't already been said before , a huge thankyou goes your way :D !!

    As everyone else has said , this is a fantastic stepping stone on the road to gaining confidence and skills , or brushing up on the skills you already have .

    So no matter what your level of riding skills are , you can NEVER have to much practice !

    On saying that , I will get back to practise soon :)
  12. Thankyou for the votes of confidence, guys.

    Basic bike handling and braking is one of the best ways to get your confidence levels
    up for the road.

    That said, a bit of practice, especially E-braking is good for us all.

    Will be good to see you back Kitt. (Big ups to B.)
  13. Ok, We're back in the morning, Sat 11th Sept. at 10AM

    Come down and join in, forecast is good for tomorrow.
  14. Nobody there. Oh well the peak hour filtering on way there was good practice.
  15. I hung around, alone until 10.40 and then left.

    Damn could've had all the little things done by now and gone ridin'.

    Oh well, next week.
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  16. They're all on the Sunday turned into Saturday turned into the Mornington Notriders, choc turned into 3 meal plus sleep-over ride.
  17. Which is of course why I presumed 10am Saturday learners practice might start at midday........On a Friday.
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  18. I was there at 10.50
  19. I'm just confused. :) Congratulations on elevation to stickyness too Doug :)
  20. :rofl:

    Great to see your thread stickied, Doug.

    You & Grey do a fantastic job at these Saturday morning sessions - awesome commitment to helping new riders and those wanting to brush up on the basics.

    See you at next Saturday's prac. (y)

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