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Satellite Based Speed Limiting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Saw this in the latest issue of AMCN

    It's real. Here's the first link that Google popped up on "Intelligent Speed Adaptation"


    Great. I can see it now. Pick a gap. Go to overtake. Driver makes a slight judgement error (for whatever reason) and has to speed up to make the gap to get back in before some oncoming traffic/whatever. As he accelerates, the technology kicks in and slows him down, leaving him with nowhere to go because there's a car beside him, and the car that was behind him when he pulled out has since moved up to take his old spot. Instant head-on that was totally avoidable except that the choice/trust was removed from the driver that they could ever possibly use speed judiciously to avoid an accident.

    The article even goes on to control speed for "dangerous corners". Great. You enter a corner, rolling on the throttle, and suddenly the system kicks in and slows the bike down, forcing a front-end weight transfer that forces the motorcycle wide and correspondingly leaving the road.
  2. It may be deadly but it's a splendid road safety measure because it'll kill off all the "dangerous" drivers who try to speed. Social Darwinism in action!

    A couple of years after it's introduced we'll have an optimally safe road system, the consultants who recommended it will take away a nice big bonus and everyone will be happy.

    Right? :LOL:
  3. Pffft, teh aftermarket industry would kill it.

    And who would buy new cars?!?
  4. God help us all [-o<
  5. *shudder* .. that's some scary concept :shock:

    Just what we need ... a Government induced "flat-spot", cutting in at the worst possible moment!!!
  6. I can't say I'm surprised... this sort of technology, and the related 'send an sms with your speeding results to the relevant fine issuer' have been mooted for a while.

    It'll only get worse people... 20 years from now I fully expect it to be pointless owning anything other than a cruiser *sigh*
  7. I have no doubt that driving is a skill about to join crafts like shoe repairs and watchmaking on the scrap heap of history... The future belongs to completely automated vehicles, and the only consolation we can draw is that they will no longer be able to collect their revenues on the roads once the vehicles automatically obey every rule - in fact I believe this is the main factor slowing down the progress down that path.
  8. There was a trial of this kind of technology in Melbourne think it was monash, at least they had the sense of not taking control of the car, the accelerator would push back at you like a game console pad, rather than reducing your speed, more of an alert to the driver that you where speeding.
  9. shut up :shock:

    Seen that movie 'Minority Report'?...thats where its heading folks, and bikers will become the non-conforming renegades like in the Matrix :p
  10. I'm sure the technology exists; urban myths (?) have the Williams F1 team driving a car round Silverstone at near record speed with no driver, and where there's smoke, there's probably fire.

    But considering the innumerable variables of driving and road conditions, a safe application of this technology would be more dangerous than not. (Unless the plan is to have all vehicles running in Scalextric-type slots in the road....)
  11. yeah like trams....:LOL:...you would have to pre-program your trip before you leave...and if its grid-locked, well too bad.

    yeah, I can see this being a good idea :roll:
  12. Pffft .. how easy would it be to disable a GPS on your bike :)
  13. There was a segment on "geek tv" on poxsmell where they had cars that were driverless. They would follow a determined path according to magnetic sensors on the road surface. They would all be a certain distance apart, you would not be able to tailgate and they travelled at speed.

    They built a roadway beside a freeway (seperated by concrete barriers) to use as a test track.

    Interesting stuff
  14. On the other hand, such moves could generate a whole new outlaw industry. A society that became reliant on such technology may well give rise to outlaws invisible on the grid. Viruses on the road network. Brave new world ...
  15. like anything new technology someone will find a way to disarm it...
    it always happens :p
    someone makes the rules.... someone will break it
  16. Very easily but if it's not receiving a GPS signal it would probably cut the engine, well that's how I'd program the system if I was building it :p

    Apparently some trucking companies have the ability to monitor the trucks performance and location by satelite and are able to wind up the power level of the truck when the driver arrives at a hilly part of his/her route.
  17. might be time to invest in that diesel bike you always wanted :)

    no electrics and mechanical pump/injector would put paid to this crap.
  18. Are they Insane

    "If the speed is too high, an electronic governing system kicks in, starving the engine of fuel and slowing or stopping the vehicle. "

    This is just going to get people killed.
    Just picture it, you are passing a truck, and pull paralel to the cab as s/he blindly starts to pull into your lane. You give it a squirt to get clear and this will pop you over the limit. Electronic restriction cuts in, power cuts out and you go SPLAT!.

    Damn Policy makers who don't actually look at the implications of there policies.
  19. All it will take is a few people to be injured or killed in an emergency situation because they weren't able to accelerate out of trouble, and there'll be a nice big class action against the government, the manufacturer, distributor, and anyone else involved.

    That should fix things.
  20. you are all getting a little hot under the collar here, and there are many ways of instituting such a mechanism.

    for example, works instantly if your speed exceeds limit +30km/h

    works after a delay of 20 seconds if speed exceeds limit by less than 30.

    You complain about knee jerk reactions to things by police, gov't etc, but give no thought to your own knee jerk reactions in a reciprocal manner.

    Consider how much better those mountain roads would be if you didn't have to worry (so much) about p-platers in hot cars coming around the corners towards you at warp 9. How many of those secondary deaths on the old road in the past year might have been saved if the idiot coming the other way hadn't been doing warp 8 and spiralled into the other poor bastard.

    Any system like this is going to require more test and eval than you can shake a bad word at, and even in uk, it is not going to be introduced soon.

    (ed: light vehicles in this instance includes bikes and cars and if it works for one, it will inevitably be introduced for the other)