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Sat morning training - Melb

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. I wanted a ride today, but was'nt in shape for it.
    As i'd heard alot of positive comments on the saturday morning training sessions, i thought i'd tootle down there.

    Yowser! I did'nt count, but there were probably around 25-30 bikes there, all actively engaged in a variety of different aspects of bike control!

    It was bloody great to see! Everyone was patient with each other, and taking it seriously - no heroes trying to impress anyone etc.

    To see THIS level of interest, grown from what originally was just a bloke prepared to help others, turning up every saturday morning, and gain the help of others, who also give up their sat mornings, to provide such a practical and effective training sessions for new riders, is very...very impressive!

    Any new riders who feel they could benefit from going along won't be disappointed. They should attend!
    It's not a class style event. You just get to practice your bike control with a variety of of other riders. If you have question, or need help the guys are there. If they see you doing something wrong they'll take you aside to explain the correct methods to use.

    Kudos to hawklord for founding the learner sessions, and greyBM for getting on board to help. Other than that, i see everyone helping each other! Brilliant stuff!! :)
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    Was great to have you there today. I have to agree with how impressive & awesome Doug is for setting this up, and others like Dave for stepping up and helping too. It truly is an awesome time both socially and for skills.
  3. If I wasn't working this morning I would have been there, I will def try to make it next week.

    Can't wait.
  4. Too true Raven.
    Doug & Dave give their time freely each Saturday morning just to give others the wisdom of their experience.
    To top it off, they ask nothing in return.
    I even try to get down just to practice my slow manuvering skills. (& to catch up with some great people!)
    Doesn't matter how experienced you are, it still pays to practice these things, the things we don't do very often.
  5. I wish I knew about these session before I got off my L's. I have learnt so much in 3 weeks of attending. Met some really awesome people too.

    The first thing which impressed me was no egos. Like Raven stated...'no heroes'

    I envision attending this as a continual improvement for my riding.
    When do you last practice Emergency Braking?

    If anyone has read the "10am Saturday Learner/New Rider Basic skills practice sessions" thread but thought it might be a little too daunting. Just come along and be pleasantly surpised with just how welcoming and informative the session is.

    And that's my two bobs worth
  6. Excellent thread, Raven. Its about time this Melbourne Saturday Practice Session gets the credit it deserves. I picked up my bike almost 3 months ago & then after that found out about NetRider. Joined the forum & then decided to attend a Saturday Session to learn/improve/re-learn riding skills/confidence (I've ridden before overseas).

    Day 1 I was a bit nervous as I didn't know anyone. Couldn't find my way in initially but then went and parked my bike in the back. Was looking around the setup when someone came to me and introduced himself, asked my name and welcomed me. That was the MAN himself, Sir Doug (AKA Hawklord) and after that another gentleman welcomed me (Sir Dave AKA GreyBM) and I knew that I was in the right place. :D

    I have met a lot of people there and the best part is that everyone is willing to help, share a laugh and basically have a great time while learning/improving new skills.

    What I've learnt from these few sessions is basically what someone would learn over years of riding (some of those come with harsh lessons) BUT here Doug & Dave are sharing their experience, wisdom & knowledge with great love & passion (& some wit and humor thrown in for good measure).

    Someone is bringing in donuts, someone is taking pictures (then refining, editing, tagging, uploading etc) and someone is making videos (again editing, uploading etc) and all of this is happening while we are learning.

    Add to that there are Learner friendly group rides which again gives us an opportunity to utilize all our Saturday Session knowledge to actual road use. My first group ride was about a month ago and it will forever remain with me as I had so much fun. I met some very experienced riders and learnt so much on that ride as well.

    I could go on & on but I'll stop as this has become a very long post. :)

    But THANKS NR, THANKS Doug & THANKS Dave! You guys especially need a standing ovation. =D>
  7. Couldn't agree more Raven, I've been going to the Saturday morning sessions since November last year when I got my L's.

    Originally I figured, "I'll just head along for a couple of weeks to get my confidence up". But I'm completely hooked, this type of low speed practice makes everything so much more natural on the road. I'm quite sure I would have had at least 2 offs since starting riding without these sessions.

    Huge thanks to Hawklord and GreyBM for all their help.

    Also, apart from the awesome practice, it's a fantastic excuse to gather with a bunch of other people and talk about bikes, which is always a good thing.

  8. Thanks to Hawk and BM most definitely
    Its a selfless and brilliant thing you guys do, just about every week, year round.

    Great work.
  9. [QLD] oohh man! Wish there was trainging days in brisbane. if there is i'm completely retard :)
  10. I too have launched back into the world of social riding with the help of Satdy Morning. Im looking forward to being able to head on down and work on the basics with my upgrade. Crikey, Ive even caged to get there ( but if you tell anyone Ill deny it)
  11. Now where is that photo evidence of you?
  12. Rusti has been suitably bribed with hush favours. Its amazing the amount of work that is put into that day. And equally so the buzz Ive seen on some of those faces. Its the true spirit of motorcycling, even better tan christmas.