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Sat 3rd July T.I.T.I Run Old Pac to Wisemans

Discussion in 'NSW' started by goz, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Gday guys

    This Saturday, 3rd July, we at the T.I.T.I crew out at Homebush Saturday learners sessions have a nice run organised..

    It will start with the learners practising for the MOST test from 11am to midday..

    After the practice, we will start our ride, so leave no later than 12:30pm


    Date: Saturday 3rd July 2010

    Time: 11am for learners, 12pm for everyone else
    (everyone can come at 11am and hang around for a chat)

    Meet: Homebush learner session location, Bennelong Road Homebush (closed off section)

    Route: Homebush to Old Pacific Hwy via Lane Cove Rd and Pacific Hwy, Stop at Road Warriors for a drink/bite to eat, Road Warriors to Wisemans ferry then the run home


    people need to understand this is a relaxed learners friendly ride, we will have a dedicated leader and a tec for the learners/slower riders the whole day, so we dont want to hear later on that the ride was to slow, everyone that has been on our rides will tell you how enjoyable they are, if you want/need to go quicker, let the leader know and we will organise check points

    So far, FINE AND SUNNY

    Enjoy and see you'se out there :)
  2. Sounds like lots of fun!

    Why haven't I figured out what Titi means yet?
  3. ...and bring your warmies - It'll get cold after 3:00PM.

    Definitely two thumbs weather for the blokes and five bandaids per nip for the girls!


    Can't wait!

    Come on Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri dammit!!!

    Fun Ha!
  4. Goz, keep an eye on the time .. ya might wanna go straight up thru Peats Ridge instead of Sommersby .. googlemaps doesnt allow it but I fink its OK.

    Edit: you know the bit where you went the wrong way and we all had to do that slightly illegal bit to get back on track but it really looks like woulda been ok anyway :LOL:
  5. good find :)

  6. will do mate, will suss it out at road warriors
  7. Actually I think I may have a leave pass this Saturday.
  8. I'm in, I'll probably bring a few people
  9. OK I've got a leave pass to join you guys:)

    Homebush is not really possible, I've got family commitments in the morning but I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys in the flesh. I plan to catch up with you all at Road Warriors. I'm guessing that would be around 1.30pm? Then I guess I'll make it as far as Wiseman's with you before turning around and coming back to Terrigal on my own.

    See you then
  10. no worries John, 1:30 sounds about right
  11. goz, how slow is relaxed learner friendly?

    cutting down two trees tomorrow for a big ass bonfire friday night, so depending what time I surface should be there.
  12. speed limits, but will be a few in front going quicker
  13. Hi everyone,
    I will be at Homebush on Saturday, I am excited as this will be my first group ride.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  14. also, what is expected return time? I have to be places afterwards
  15. The plan is to be out of Dural by sun down, what happens on the day is another story lol

  16. You definatley want to be out of Dural by sundown. That is when THEY come out.
  17. [​IMG]

  18. also to add, after the ride is over, a couple of us will probably head over to krispy kremes / harrys in liverpool for a coffee if anyone wants to join us