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Sat 21st Ride to Arthurs Seat, Flinders etc...

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bamm-Bamm, May 20, 2005.

  1. Looks like a nice day tomorrow and a shitty one on Sunday..so here's to my first Saturday Netrider day out :D

    CBRdno and myself are going for a ride to Athurs Seat, Flinders and maybe further afield...of course with a stop for lunch If you are looking for a pretty cruisy ride with the occasional fast spurt then this is the ride for YOU!

    As it's a late post so far we have:


    Benny with the V-Rod
    and of course me


    Mouth & Sarah

    Meeting point is at On The Run(Mobil Servo) at the end of the Frankston Freeway...near JB Hifi and Supercheap at 10:30.

    For the early risers I will be departing from outside Peter Stevens in Lonsdale St Dandenong at 10am for the 10:30 meet up with Dean. If you want to come along give me a call on 0403 303 500 or just meet up at one of the meeting points.

    PS: This is a very informal ride...just a get together and ride day so no corner markers etc...but at the same time learner friendly as I'm a learner myself :D
  2. Just letting ya know that the group buy for the Bike Alarms is at Jaycar Electronics in Springvale @ 11am. You might find more than a few wanting to tag along if the departure time were a little later.

    Unfortunately i can't commit to anything this weekend... so i'll leave it as a totally undecided.. maybe. :p :D
  3. Ok guys expressions of interest...if we get enough people keen to tag along I will talk to Dean about adjusting the start time to suit
  4. I'll be there along with Helldog (apparently the need to study just couldn't withstand the prospect of a ride) and a friend Benny who rides a very sweet Harley V-Rod.

    See you at 10:30 :D
  5. Can I interest you in the 10am meet at Dandy as it's pretty much on the way and we can cruise in together for a 10:30 start :)
  6. So it is, sounds good - see you there :)
  7. Might be able to attend this one, will confirm in the morning.
  8. While your down that way Steve, you could check out Mornington Honda....was heading down that way (solo) but will try to catch up with you guys.......gimme a maybe....
  9. Bloody good idea....might be a bit cheaper down that way too...
  10. Will probably see myself and Sarah there :)
  11. This one sounds good to me.
    See u at PS at 10.
  12. Would love to come, but my bikes in bits with rockers off and cams sitting on ground as we speak. If i can get up early and get it back together tomorrow morning i may see you there.
  13. Bugger bugger bugger...im working :(

    Ya welcome to drop in for a coffee if ya like thou....vtrsteve knows where :D

  14. Confirmed, I am on this ride, see you at Peter Stevens. Bad Luck about working tones, but someone needs to help get a few more learners out there, don't forget to tell them about the netrider rides.
  15. Cant make it, fu*%&ng bike is peesing me off, f&%^ing did a valve reset yesterday, was trying to get it back together today, but when i f*$#ing measured the valve clearance again after replacing shims they were severely out, like over .1mm out on most, i dont f$*&ing get it. Im so mad right now, looks like its gona bloody rain anyway so bugger it im gonna go and hit something
  16. Thanks for the ride all - very enjoyable, especially when I had to do Arthurs Seat ½ doz. times waiting for you all :) Not much beats the Flinders pub for a good meal.
  17. you did..???

    missed this post and so was up there was some Kwaka guys from
    noon to 1.30 ..did lotsa laps

    only saw a few bikes...
    bloke with a new Gixxxer750 a red Viffer (mit pillion)
    and a few bikes parked outside the restuarant who buggered off
    just as we got there at noon

    had to behave ourselves too

    the plod were there too...crusin' in a highway pursuit marked car and
    also, 3 wallopers were up and down in a new blue GT

  18. Left F'ston at 10:30, so my laps were between 11ish and around 11:45 until the others arrived.
    Yup, they passed us going in the other direction just near the top of the seat, as we headed down the sth side towards Flinders. Probably got a call that some lout on a red VTR was doing laps up and down :D O:)
  19. Thanks for the ride all, food was great and called into Mornington Honda on the way home and they shut the doors at 1.00pm, oh well they may have missed a sale.

    Nice riding around that area. One day I would like to do the crossing to Queenscliff by ferry then a bit of the great ocean rd etc. etc., hope theres a few more fine weekends ahead.

    Will put some photo's up soon. Nice shot of ApriliaGirl & Helldog sitting in the chair of love :D