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Sat 19th feb - Reefton % Black spurs

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Cowboy1600, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Whos up? Im going. Not free on Sunday so going to hit it saturday.

  2. Yep, I'm in.
    What time and where from?
  3. Awesome......

    Ill wait for a little and see who else is keen before figuring out exactly when and where.
  4. sweet a saturday ride... never been out that way so why not.

    when and where do we meet?
  5. Come on people.....is that it?

    Surely theres more keen.....ull be missing oooooout
  6. Must be the weather...



    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    P.O. Box 1636M Melbourne Vic 3001 http://www.bom.gov.au

    Forecast for Melbourne Issued at 1700 on Thursday the 17th of February 2005

    Tonight and Friday
    Fine and clear overnight with light wind tending northerly. Fine for much of
    tomorrow with a freshening northerly wind. Cloud increasing ahead of a cooler
    southwest change developing late afternoon. Rain periods to follow at night.

    Min 15 Max 32

    Suburban Temperatures

    Laverton Min 13 Max 32 Yarra Glen Min 10 Max 32
    Tullamarine Min 11 Max 32 Mt Dandenong Min 10 Max 26
    Watsonia Min 13 Max 32 Scoresby Min 13 Max 32
    Frankston Min 12 Max 30 Geelong Min 13 Max 32

    Clearing shower or two. Min 15 Max 22

    Fine. Min 14 Max 25

    Fine. Min 15 Max 28

    according to the bom.gov.au
  7. its been changing ever half freakin' hour.....

    Whos gives a shit bout the weather?!?!?!
  8. Definately an option but just got to work out if I'm working on Saturday or not.
  9. Hey peoples, Im in,
  10. I'd do the 'spurs' anytime, but unfortunatly this weekend is a kiddie weekend so I'm grounded. :cry: :?
  11. wat time is expected return? working at 4.30!
  12. If there is another slow rider going then l will most likely be in.

    Come on you newbies...whos joining me...lol.

  13. Hey Julz

    Slow rider?? That sounds like us!! :p

    Untame_me & I are keen on tagging along...that is, if the start time isn't too early...coffee just doesn't seem to be doing its trick in the mornings, lately... :? :LOL:
  14. if its raining you can count me out, rain is gay.
  15. Hey,

    Im in, if it pisses down im out but a little rain never hurt anyone (besides the bike needs a wash).

    Where and when are we meeting?

  16. Sat 19th Ride / What Happened?

    Did the post fall over ??? I can access it!

    Are we still on, if so where and when??


  17. Thats i can't access it!
  18. Looks like its gone into the 'twilight zone', you can still see half of it here, maybe somebody wants to bring it back to life (as in repost).
  19. I'd be interested, but I can't leave till about 10:30am. Is this too late ?

    Do you have a departure time and point ? I don't know how to get to Reefton Spur alone.
  20. I dunno where cowboy's gone so unless he organises something I'll be leaving lillydale maccas at 10.30.

    Anyone else wanna come?