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Sarz v MVrog

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Rather than hijacking an existing thread, we can do it here.

    Are you serious Sarz?

    If so, bring your Police Uniform, 80 grit paper, and 1000 bux to a Racetrack of your choice.

  2. You're on!!!

    One proviso - you ride the Thunderace & I get the MV. Only fair?

    Bear in mind too ...I've probably got more testosterone than you :wink: the pills, the pills (Movember, and all..)
  3. No-one rides the MV, other than the bloke who paid for it.

    We ride our own bikes.
  4. I say Roger rides Sarz around the track, and then Sarz rides Roger around the track. Fastest bike wins.
  5. It costs >$200 a day for a decent 600 hire bike. Why don't you both hire the same thing and race on even terms. Take the hire cost from the bet so it's $800 each in the pool. This way the winner still finishes with an extra $600 and a grin while sarz is still only down a grand. :)
  6. Yeah, but what are you going to ride Rog?
  7. I think Vic Rail paid for the bike...... so that would mean 'Vic' gets to ride it, come to think of it, I'm sure he would have already put in a bid to ride sarz :LOL:
  8. what you mean is our taxes paid for the bike therefore we all get to ride it!
  9. Yeh! :grin:
  10. Trollops, all of you.
  11. speak for yourself roger :p
  12. I was speaking for myself, es. They are Trollops.

    The worst thing about owning an MV Agusta, is that people think that you are stupid enough to hand it over, so that they can have a thrash.
    Dreamers, one and all. Never gonna happen.

  13. Yeah I often hear Loz asking me for the keys to Milla so he can thrash her around and pop monos ;)

    It mono's ok but when she lands she breaks :rofl:
  14. He is a rough malaka. He will bust it for sure then.
  15. hotchickinabikini?
  16. I am old and ugly. I don't get those sort of offers.
  17. Oh everyone's so goddamn serious..

    No, never thought you'd let me ride it

    No, never thought I had even a chance

    No. Just no.
  18. They are all taking liberties with both of us. Perhaps we should both get some Shetland Ponies, and join Beastforum.