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Sarz has some sexy new wheels...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sarz, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. It’s finally my turn for the “My New Bike†thread :grin:

    Not new in the virginal sense - 1997 Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace, had her for just over a month


    Awesome to ride. Easy to ride. Handles well, lots of go, looks great, feels great, sounds great, need I say more

    Some pics...




    Contented :cool:

  2. you must be chuffed :)

    well done on the bike and having a picture :)
  3. Well done!! :applause:

    Great condition and excellent pics. :roses:


  4. Ktulu is going to be happy :) Theres been lots of new bike threads (most with pics) of late. BTW, ncie bike :grin:
  5. A nice bike ruined by a gay rack thingy.
  6. You CAN remove the rack, Rog :roll: :LOL:

    A minor classic, mate, well bought :)
  7. Some of us ride for more reasons than to just look good Rog :wink:
  8. At least it has good tyres. We don't want Sarz riding on rags, in a Melb winter.
  9. Looks like a well kept clean bike, sarz. People forget that before bikes like the R1 there were big, fast, capable bikes like the Thunderace. Now that most speed freaks just have to have the smallest, fastest, most god-awfully uncomfortable bike on the market big bruisers like that can be had for reasonable money. :cool:
  10. That gay rack thingy coupled with a gear sack was built to fit a slab mate!!!...
  11. That's fcuken awesome Sarz! Well done. :grin:
  12. And I got it for a steal! :cool: seriously

    What surprised me the most - pleasantly! - was its weight ...for it's 225 odd wet kilos, man you would never know! The weight's down low, so I don't really feel it ...the only other 'big bike' I've ridden, extensively, is a Blackbird and the weight on that is all in the tank, or up around that region anyway, so a slight tip and it's near impossible to catch (for my weak chick-arms anyway :LOL: ) ...but the Ace ...it just feels planted

    I think I made the right choice, for me :)
  13. Got the bag already buddy :cool:
  14. Congrats Sarz, Looks the business. Look forward to seeing it out on the road.

  15. Sexy bike for a smokin chick. When are we going riding?
  16. Always up for a ride Donna!

    When's the triple delivered? Maybe we should play swapsies :cool:
  17. Ha! That's a good one.... I won't be letting my baby outta my sight for ages - ever. They're kitting her up as we speak. Sorting out $$ tomorrow. They could deliver to my door, but I'm thinking of training it up to Shep just so I can ride her home. Not til the 21st though. I did the Hart intermediate course yesterday on a brand new Hornet. Very nice, was enormously relieved to find myself totally relaxed on a bigger bike by morning tea.

    Definitely want to ride with you guys soon, have some new folks for us to play with! See ya Friday...
  18. Congrats Sarz!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm a kwaka man, but fark me that bike looks well sorted and proportioned.

    By the way, does it match the new phone? ;)
  19. They're both black & they work - they match perfectly :wink:
  20. very nice sars

    and it even has a window that you can lick ;)

    yer so i'm jealous :evil: