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Sartso Killer

Discussion in 'Pants' started by lucifer_mr2, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Tested my jeans this week. Bought them over 2 years ago and they are wearing in nicely. I chose them because I liked the way they looked and the kevlar clovers more area than some other brands.

    Anyway after a small crash (that put holes my RST winter gloves apart) I'm happy with the way they held up. Got a friction burn on my knee, the jeans have a hole in them and a decent bruise on my hip. But considering the hole in my hand, they did their job well. The denim has holes in it, but the kevlar has only a few threads loose.
  2. Glad to hear you're ok. What speed were you doing?
  3. Not fast, about 30km/h. Still enough to tear the demin, so the kevlar really did work.
  4. I had a crash in these jeans a bit over a year ago, much the same result. Locked up the front wheel at 60km/h and knee went into the road. Nice burn on the knee but no gravel rash/worse.

    Left with a hole in the jeans and kevlar.

    Only thing I don't like about them is the baggy style.
  5. I had shift kevlar jeans and dragging cargo's and was very happy with them but now I have brought some sartso jeans the kevlar coverage is so much better and the kevlar pieces join to each other so guess they would be stronger. Wicked styles too and sizing is true not like some other brands.