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Sargent on Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BMWRX, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. After a few numb bum experiences I lashed out and bought a Sargent saddle owing to many positive reviews.

    It arrived today after fast delivery and friendly customer service over the phone. It's a beautiful bit of kit, except it doesn't fit as neatly as the standard saddle. Has anyone else had this issue with a Sargent?

    This is the gap between the front of the saddle and the tank.



    This is standard

  2. I don't have any input about the sargent seat, but you could maybe get some thick black foam with adhesive backing to make the gap less noticeable if your going to keep the seat.

    Just on another note I have a 15 model R does your standard seat rub against the fuel tank on the edges causing marks on the paintwork?
  3. I'm not keen on having to modify a brand new part when it clearly doesn't meet specification due to poor design/construction. It's going back.

    Mine is a 2015 R as well and the seat rubs against the tank. I've alleviated this by regularly cleaning any dust/dirt out from between the seat and the tank.
  4. Why don't you just contact Sargent and send them the photos. They might have stuffed up.
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  5. Agree with twistngotwistngo - just contact them and see if there's an obvious solution. If not how can they rectify this, it's clearly not fitting well and you'll never be happy with it, it'll piss you off every time you see it.
  6. My last bike, a gsxr had a small gap like that, probably 1/3 the size of yours and it pissed me off to no end.
    My leathers were constantly getting stuck in there and it actually felt like I was falling in. I'm not that skinny though.

    Hope they'll take it back cos it's pretty bad.
  7. It's been a week of the distributor contacting the manufacturer in the USA and back and forth. The ridiculous thing is the first email back from the US said "yes, there's a problem with that saddle" (seriously, that's pretty much all the email said. No apology, no guidance as to corrective action) but the distributor won't make a decision so they've written back to find out what to do. It's pretty simple if you ask me, give me my money back or replace it.

    And to answer the above questions, it can't be adjusted and it's the correct model for lost 2013 street triples.
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  8. UPDATE: The distributor organised for the saddle to be collected via courier from my house and they have compared it to another one they have in stock. They believe that the dimensions are the same on both, so now they're waiting on a delivery later this week to line them all up and see if there is a batch issue or that's just how the saddle is.

    Either way, a resolution should be reached by the end of the week. It's been a bit slow going but the distributor (I'm not going to name them but you can easily find out if you so desire) has made all the right noises about getting the matter brought to a conclusion.
  9. Hope you've still got your original seat!
  10. Certainly do. It's back on the bike.
  11. Ok, I've just heard back from the distributor. They received in other saddles and compared them and found that they are all identical. After a very kind offer to hopefully calm my nerves about receiving a different saddle to the original, I decided that a full refund would be best (I didn't want to take the chance of it too not fitting, which was a pretty good chance if they were all identical). All in all, after a bit of initial concern about the distributor's response, they have ticked the right boxes in dealing with this problem, and no damage was done.

    Now, who else makes saddles for Street Triple R's that are more comfortable than the OEM version?
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  12. You could try an upholsterer and get them to make a cover with extra padding if it is just a padding comfort issue. Or there are some companies that sell ready made ones.

    I bought one from these guys - is quite good. http://www.luimoto.com/?s=72
  13. How much padding is in the cover?

    I've learned from my push bike riding exploits that more padding is not necessarily the recipe for greater comfort. For example, my current saddle is carbon fibre with a thin leather cover and it's the comfiest thing I've ever sat on moving for four hours.
  14. Not a huge amount, but my seat wasn't really uncomfortable anyway - takes about 2 hours to get a numb bum. I mainly changed cover for aesthetic reasons, did make it better though and better bum grip. Could always get upholsterer to add more though or try some padded pants.
  15. Have you thought about the triumph comfort seat?
  16. Fitted a sargent seat a Kawasaki GTR1400,no gaps at tank area, a firm fit in terms of fitting to the retainers front and back.Certainly more comfortable than the original seat still was getting a "numb bum " after 2hrs of riding instead of 1hr with original soft seat.
    Fitted a sheep skin seat cover which helped, tried a beadrider seat cover, uncomfortable, than tried a airhawk ,so comfortable, able to do all day trips without any discomfort. The trick is not to put much air in them, like sitting on a bunch of grapes.
    This is the web address of a guy who can rework your original seat if you so desire
    .Ergo Motorcycle Seats
  17. John has done 2 seats for me. He does good work
  18. I've read plenty of stories of fried berries if your bike has sat in the sun with the Triumph gel seat. Even the dealer advised against getting it when I bought the bike.
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  19. UPDATE: The distributor has refunded my money and left an invitation to drop by their store the next time I'm around their way and they'll put a saddle on to work out where the problem is. All in all, a good result and someone I'd happily deal with in the future.

    I've sent an email to Ergo a couple days ago. No response yet. I might take the direct route and give him a call.