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Sarah Conner Chronicles

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. #1 Mickyb V9, Feb 5, 2008
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    I'm a big Terminator fan . . . something tells me the new tele series will disappoint !

    Look for the ZZR250 at 1:10min mark.

    But wow . . a teenage chic Terminator protector ! :grin:

    I'll reserve my judgement after watching it.

  2. I do not like what they have done. :(
  3. it's definitely not a ZZR250
  4. It is the same story, only they replace actors with models, mouths with bloated lips and chests with silicon bags. Even Hamilton's tank top has been reduced..
    2-2. 1-4.
    I had expectations for battlestar Galactica too and it end up being teenage wanky flick, with playboy models flashing their gears off and that's not my idea of a good sci-fi.
    Expect a bid of a CSI, with desks and labs and people talking to each other about material and procedures we know nothing about. Expect action every 3 episode, as they cost the most. Expect lots of characters at the age of 20, as that is the age groups the shows are made for. blablablabla PS. Micky, I know someone who will be in "close contact" with the new "Sarah" next week... Maybe i could arrange something for you, like giving you the honor of cleaning her toilet or something!!!

  5. Antonis ! (lol) , stop speaking in Phoenician and tell what your really saying !
  6. "Grab the guns. I'll make pancakes."


    This looks awful. But I disagree about Battlestar Galactica. That new series rocks harder than most recent tv. I can't wait for the next series.
  7. Correct the title first to :

    Terminator SCC
    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

    and then i might tell you.. :p
    Actually i won't.. Can't.. shouldn't... wouldn't...
    Ok, here is another riddle for you:
    If you take some Mr Sheen and polish "the eliminator", you might end up finding more about "the terminator" :LOL: :rofl:
  8. actually, i've "seen" it. Including the minimovie they did for the break between season 3 and 4.
    The effects are great, the "camera movement" is awesome. Olmos (William Adama) and Callis (Gaius Baltar) are just the best actors in tv at the moment.
    But... I'm sick of Helfer appearing every 10 min and whispering crap on someones ear, just so we can see her breasts hanging out.. It is scifi, silicon should stay at the control panels of the Vipers..
  9. Then clearly you've never watched an episode :LOL: firstly, she has no breasts to speak of, and SILICONE?? WTF! The woman is a stick insect and certainly has no breast augmentation whatsoever. I've seen bigger mosquito bites :LOL:
  10. Of course she has :grin: she is a mammal, so she has a pair like you and me :LOL:
    Regardless of the size, they "need" to stuck up for the the photo shoots of Victoria's Secret and playboy, so silicon is a must..
    Now that photo explains what i don't like about the show. It is mixed in the plot intentionally to satisfy the teenage audience. So everytime there is a shot of a male or female model pretending to "act" i can see the writing on the wall and i don't like it. Same with the meteorologist, who have been transformed to models.. Naked News are in offer on cable, if i want to i can tune there, but i don't and i only care about the weather, not the pretty face..
    Weather prediction is unreliable enough, a model can add no extra weight..
  11. You seriously think she has silicone implants??? You need your eyes checked! :LOL: Personally I think she's way too skinny and she doesn't do much for me. Not into the stick insect look.


    Not sure why you are objecting to a model acting in the series though, the model Cylon she is was designed to be a seductress in order to help infiltrate and destroy humanity. Her over the top demeanour is kind of the point. Gaius Baltar was a womaniser and this was the sort of woman he was into. The continuation of her behaviour serves to illustrate the relationship and hold she has over Gaius Baltar, and interestingly enough, his behaviour (the hallucinations of 6) is now being demonstrated by the model 6 being held captive on Battlestar Galactica, in that she hallucinates his presence.

    And every sci-fi series I can think of, off the top of my head, is populated with pretty people to some degree, including the original Battlestar Galactica (which IMO the new series is FAR superior to). But at least in this show it is balanced with many 'real world' people and tremendous acting and plot development, and isn't a show populated by Barbie and Ken dolls like so many other US shows...

    anyway, returning to the topic...
  12. I am a big fan of the terminator movies, so I hope this series will be entertaining. I am not really impressed by bionic woman....
  13. where are the fat people/ black people/ short people/ normal shopping mall people? Helfer and Park have taken their gears off in the past. The rest are just B grade actors that were hired to keep the budget down.
    Only the sopranos had real people :cool:

    My dislike of the show is not at Helfer's sexual push on our screens, but on the intentional script writing that has Six using the cameras for mammography every 10 min. The Six-Baltar basic storyline of a delusional psychopath (or #10) and his daydreaming is just too small to last for a couple of episodes, not 4 seasons!! And it is unbelievable that no one on the ship has noticed!!

    You understand that i am a huge fan :grin: . But these are script faults. The show can not rely on just a dream sequence, over and over again. The "political" storyline (Iraq/New Caprica) is brilliant but not enough..

    I don't know if you saw Bionic Woman, which is made by the same people with almost the same actors, but it sucks endlessly.
    They should have stuck on doing StarTreck and leave this to someone else..

    I guess i'm pissed off and blame them for the early death of the show (season 4 is the last season), because their juvenile story lines made the show a b grade one..

    So Say We All (or just me)
  14. yeah, I have the hots for Capt. Kathryn Janeway also !

    . . . . sorry, I just wanted to be part of the discussion group !

  15. What? this one?
    You must be watching some verrrry old episodes!!
  16. You want grossly obese or just overweight in general? Neither Adama nor the Chief are exactly slim. No I haven't seen grossly obese, but certainly not everyone is gym toned. There are also representations of various ethnic groups as well - black, asian etc - are you watching the same show I am? I've also seen many people of differing heights.

    Firstly I think you are grossly over exaggerating the frequency and amount of flesh seen from Helfer. Up until season 4 I could probably count on one hand the number of times she and Baltar have disrobed or had sexual activity. Granted that yes certainly there have been many more instances where there has been hallucinations of her, but its a stretch to suggest she is using the cameras for a "mammography every 10 minutes". There has certainly been many story arcs involving a lot of the other characters without her present. And people HAVE noticed his daydreaming although it hasn't been suggested that he's been talking to somebody else, however this HAS been mentioned about the Six in captivity.

    Yeah bionic woman was lame...

    Season 4 was PLANNED as the last season as the conclusion of the story, it isn't finishing because they killed it. Whether season 4 ever gets finished though is another matter - I think they've only done 13 of the 20 episodes and got no further due to the writers strike in the US, and have laid off the whole production company and actors as a result. We may not ever get the last 7 episodes...

    Anyone, I really enjoy that show, but each to their own :)
  17. Wea, you're right, there is a fair representation of "normal people" in the show. Maybe that's why the models made such a contrast in my eyes.
    For overweight people, i hope you don't refer to Adama junior @ Pegasus!!
    Who had the idea to put him in a fatsuit!! that was a joke..

    I haven't counted the frequency of Helfer's flesh appearing, but .. comeon!!
    This show is the closest you can have for a scifi/teenage soft p0rn!! I mean,

    ..... .....................................snip......
    oups.. You said you haven't seen season 3? ,.. Ok let's stop it here. Lets say there is more .. stuff there than the other 2.. Don't want to spoil it.
    Let's just go back to sarah.. :-#
  18. No I've seen season 3 :)

    The Sopranos was better soft p0rn :LOL: There's zero nudity on BG unless you count the excitement of seeing someone's back :grin:

    And that fat suit on Apollo was funny :LOL: - completely unbelievable on that actor of course, but as a purpose to illustrate the complacency that had overcome the miltary during the time of New Caprica, it served its purpose.

    And there's a proud history of "soft p0rn" and sci fi tv dating back to Star Trek TOS, so its certainly nothing new in BG!!
  19. What? They may not finsh season 4? Nooooooooooooooooooooo! :evil:

    " I needs to know" who the cylons are.... :evil:
  20. OK, then which other show has a threesome with two girls, a playmate and the kiwi Xena !!! :LOL: :LOL:
    BG might be G rated for the imagery, but it has lot's of unnecessary p0rn type storyline. Blade Runner (where they got all their ideas from) has android made for pleasure, but their sexuality never become their only purpose on the screen.

    The only show that can surpass BG in sexual innuendo is "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" :rofl: :rofl: